Pokémon Cyan

Cyan is a Trainer with extraordinary powers: he can understand Pokémon talk. But his power is also a curse: he hears them speak of the Gods coming while Team Rocket constantly tries to kidnap him...

I hear the smashing of glass and the flapping of wings.

My eyes flick open, and I see a Murkrow flying around the room, black feathers everywhere. My window is wrecked and glass litters the floor. Red light streams through the broken window; it must be sunrise.

"My master wants you!" the Murkrow caws, cackling maniacally. "And I shall bring you to him!" He craps foul scat all over my laptop.

Team Rocket again. Those goons are a threat to soceity, I tell you.

"Aw, bog off!" I yell at the bird Pokémon. I grab a Poké Ball from my bedside table and hurl it. Gash the Jolteon bursts out, spiky yellow fur crackling with electricy.

"Rockets again?" he asks, glaring at the Murkrow

"Yeah," I mutter. "Zap that pest with ThunderBolt!"

Gash arches his back and hisses. A blast of yellow lightning fires from his body, zapping the Murkrow, who flutters weakly from the window.

I hear the Rocket Grunt outside curse at the Murkrow and return him to his Poké Ball. Then...crunching noises.

The Rocket was climbing my wall.

I scour my desk for my mobile phone, but it's covered in bird poop and rendered unusable. Damn those Rockets! I clip my belt of Poké Balls onto my belt and open the door. "Follow me, Gash."

We run out of my room, down the stairs, into the hallway. As soon as I grab the home phone to call the police a huge, muscular Rocket kicks the door down, a black Rocket Ball in each hand.

The Rocket who sent the Murkrow appears at the top of the stairs, wearing climbing claws.

"You're coming with us now, Pokémon-Boy!" says the muscular Rocket with an evil grin. He tries to grab my hands, but Gash quickly shocks him. "Urgh! Bloody Jolteon! He should get a taste of these fellas!"

He hurls the two Rocket Balls, and a Mightyena and Gliscor burst out. The black wolf Mightena growls at me. "Meat..." The Gliscor springs onto the wall and scuttles forward with mighty purple scorpion pincers, stinger poised menacingly overhead. "I'll enjoy poisoning you..."

"I'll get the kid," says the big Grunt to the clawed one who stands at the top of the stairs. "You get the truck ready."

The clawed grunt dashes back through my room.

Right. So I need to Double Battle some Rocket who has a pair of extremely powerful-looking Pokémon. Easier said than done...

I throw a Poké Ball and out comes Streak. She's a Floatzel.

The battle begins...

The End

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