Through the Forest

Myra wasn't very talkative as she and Zack tore down camp and set off into the forest. Zack was fine with that, as he wasn't always the most social person himself. So, for the first hour, neither of them said anything until they encountered section of the woods that looked as though it had been the recent staging for a pokemon battle. 

     "See these marks, Myra?"

She was looking around at the scene. She nodded, "Yeah, it looks like some pokemon were going at it. I wonder if some trainers came through recently. Look, there are two sets of prints. Nidoking and Trapinch! I wonder..." 

They pondered for only a short time before they moved on, there was no sense wracking their brains over something that wasn't really a big deal. Maybe there were some more trainers not too far ahead of them that they would meet up with. 


The forest proved to be mainly uneventful, but the opposite could be said for Vortex Caves. When Zack and Myra came to the cave entrance, they could hear shouts echoing within. They hesitated slightly, then decided someone may be in danger and need help. It turns out they were right about the danger, but wrong about anyone needing help. The two young trainers they witnessed confronting Team Nebula were doing just fine. 

     ''Then let us retreat, before you bring upon more shame on the Nebula name.'' He heard the leader shout. The lights went out and when they came on again, Team Nebula was gone.

     "That was impressive!" Myra said to Zack in a little bit too loud of a whisper. When the two trainers turned to see who had spoken, Myra blushed and stepped back. 

     "Quite impressive," Zack agreed. He held out his hand in greeting, but the two trainers immediately took up a defensive pose, readying for another battle. Zack was taken aback by their response and he held up his hands to show he meant no harm. 

     "More Team grunts!" The girls shouted.

Zack looked down at his uniform. He had quite forgotten that he was now part of Team Ethereal. That's right. I can understand their reactions now.

     "Wait, please!" Myra clasped her hands together. "We aren't with them! We're not bad, I swear!" She had tears in her eyes. The other two trainers didn't let their guard down, but they looked at each other, as if silently trying to decide between each other weather they believed what Myra was saying. 

     This is a sticky situation, Thought Zack, I hope they give us a chance.

The End

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