No "I" in "Team"

     Zack shifted a little self consciously as he looked at himself in the mirror. The Team Ethereal uniform's fit was more snug than he was used to, but it wasn't necessarily uncomfortable. The material was extremely light and soft and it regulated body temperature so that you were never too hot or too cold. 

     "Team Ethereal..."

     The name felt different when he said it now. He was equal parts unsure and excited. As Aunt Varra had explained, in order for their work to be efficient there were two units within Team Ethereal; the Sun Walkers and the Moon Dancers. The Sun Walkers operated from Sunrise to Sunset, and the Moon Dancers operate from Sunset to Sunrise. This creates a 24 hour period of operations by Team Ethereal. Zack had opted to be a Sun Walker.

     Zack, The world is an increasingly cruel place with corruption and negligence becoming all too common. Team Ethereal strives to create a balance to this. We protect the environment from pollution and we protect pokemon from poachers and those capturing certain pokemon in mass quantities to create a high demand and sell them off for high prices. We protect all those who are in trouble. There is one other team out there; Team Nebula. Team Nebula are a congregation of the very practices we fight against. They are a greedy lot with only their own interests at heart. 

     Zack, I want to offer you a position within Team Ethereal. I know you would be a very valuable member...


     Zack reminisced on his aunt's words. He was surprised at how readily he agreed to join. This morning, he was wondering if he had made a rash decision. He trusted his aunt, though, and he realized a lot of good could be accomplished with everyone working towards a common goal for good. He wiped a speck of dust off of his Sun Badge and turned from the mirror to find his aunt standing in the doorway.

     "Aunt Varra! You startled me."

     "Zack, this here is Myra, a recent recruit. She'll be joining you on your journey. She's soft spoken, but determined. You two will get along well, I just know it."


     Zack and Myra set off after a late breakfast, or early lunch depending on your perspective. They walked until late afternoon before stopping in a small town to eat an early dinner. After that they continued onward until they came to Vortex Forest. Instead of going in, being that it was already very dark out, they decided to camp a little ways outside of the forest for the night. 

     "They say this forest is haunted, you know." Myra said as they unrolled their sleeping bags and set up the tent. "But they say a lot of things. It's completely untrue. Unless you count the ghost pokemon that roam around the forest at night, But there's no need to be worried about them." She continued.

     "Right," Zack said as he stared through the shadowed branches, "It's still pretty creepy, though." 

     "Only because you think it is. Fear of the dark and the unknown, that's all it is. But there's no valid reason to fear the forest." Myra smiled brightly. 

     After they finished setting up camp, Myra called out her Growlithe. She scratched it behind the ears and it licked her face. Giggling she patted her lap and Growlithe crawled up. She then drew a picture in the dirt of a cake with two candles on it.

     "One for each of us Growly!" She exclaimed.

     "Is it your birthday then, Myra?" Zack asked.

     She looked over and smiled, "It sure is! Both of ours! I'm seventeen now, and Growly here will be five!" 

     Zack reached into his pack and pulled out an amulet and a handful of berries. He gave the amulet to Myra after he put it on a small chain. Then handed the berries to Growly to eat.

     "Well, happy birthday, then! That amulet is a token of our friendship." 

     Myra quickly wiped a tear from her eye as she put the necklace on. Beaming she said, "Thanks!" And she curled up with Growly and went to sleep. Zack shimmied into his sleeping bag and rolled over on his side and he was sleeping within five minutes.



The End

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