An Explanation

Zack set his pack down next to the kitchen table where he and his aunt Varra now sat sipping tea. Varra Fielding was a well known name. She was foremost in the pokemon conservation effort and had championed an act making mass farming of pokemon illegal. Crooks had taken to capturing pokemon in massive amounts so that they could control the demand and sell pokemon to hapless rookie trainers. This practice was cut down fairly quickly.

"What are you doing here aunt Verra?" Zack asked after a few minutes.

"You didn't expect me NOT to be here, did you? With the new pokemon about?" She smirked, "No. I transferred out to Bokken a few weeks ago and we have been making sure nothing shady is going on. There are so many people migrating to Bokken for a chance to see this new pokemon." She smiled at him

Zack looked slightly puzzled. "We? So, all of those people in the white uniforms, you're with them?" He looked at her uniform again, more closely. "I guess it would explain your uniform."

"That's right" She said. "Team Ethereal. I'm the leader. We are dedicated to securing pokemon's rights. You see, while pokemon and humans make wonderful partners, not all pokemon are treated well. Many are taken advantage of and, as was quite a problem once, there are those who try to farm them in mass quantities, disrupting the ecosystem and threatening to endanger certain pokemon species. We aim to protect pokemon and, in turn, the environment."

"I see! So, the checks at the port were of good intent. I have to admit, I was a little concerned at first. I'm glad you showed up."
 Zack drank some more tea, which had become cold.

"Did you enjoy the tea? Good." Varra stood from the table and took their cups to the sink.
 "You can stay here as long as you need to, Zack. You'll be on the road soon, though, I expect. You came to look for the pokemon?"

Zack nodded a yes as he stretched and yawned.

"I am, yes. Of course I have no idea where to begin. Would you know anything?"

Varra turned off the water and set the cups to dry. She looked over at Zack smiling. "I have an idea of where it might be now. Have you got a masterball?" She asked, a twinkle in her eye.

"A masterball?" Zack asked, perplexed. "Why?"

Varra chuckled slightly and winked.

"Well, the new pokemon... is a Legendary."

The End

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