Celeste: The Kidnapping Caves

Celeste had to admit she was impressed by the way Richard had caught that Nidoking. She hadn't told him, but according to her Pokédex the Nidoking had been roughly ten levels stronger than his Trapinch.

She looked on curiously as her new friend pulled out a strange device she had never seen before. Apparently it was a Pokéball Power Transporter, used to transfer any Pokémon you wanted back home. Celeste simply had to have it. It was convenient compared to carrying all of your Pokéballs with you until you reached a Pokémon Center to send them home. 

''Now, where to?'' Richard asked her after he had sent the Nidoking safely away. 

''Any idea where the new Pokémon might be?'' for a slight moment, in the heat of the battle, she had forgotten that that was why they were both here after all. She suspected Richard had forgotten as well, but she didn't blame him as he had just faced a big, dangerous Pokémon.

Richard shook his head, sighing.

''It could be anywhere.''

''If I were a rare, new Pokémon, where would I be?'' Celeste muttered, but more to herself than to Richard. ''A lot of people are looking for it. It must have noticed it. If there were people chasing me, I'd hide. But then again, the Forest itself is a pretty good place to hide, since hardly no one ever even comes close to it.''

Here rambling had given Richard an idea though.

''Maybe it's hiding in a cave? Vortex Forest itself is pretty scary, and I doubt many people would look in a cave in a place like this. Not to forget that if it's hiding in a cave, it have the element of surprise on its side. It could attack anyone who'd dare step inside, without them seeing it coming.''

Celeste nodded excitingly and immediately grabbed the guide book from her back.  It might not have mentioned the dangerous Pokémon living there, but she was pretty sure she had read about caves being inside the Forest. They couldn't possibly have gotten that wrong, could they? Even though she still hadn't seen any of the harmless Cleffa skipping around as the guide had said.

Richard looked over her shoulder as she browsed the guide book, looking for the chapter about Vortex Forest.

''Here!'' she yelled triumphantly, quickly covering her mouth. Let's hope no Gourgeist had heard her...

''The Vortex Caves, located in the north of Vortex Forest, is home to a small Zubat clan and some stray Sableye. The Vortex Caves are also known as the Kidnapping Caves, since no one who has entered them has returned.'' Richard read out loud, his voice shaking a bit when he read the last part. 

''Well, that sounds just lovely, doesn't it.''

''Tales like that always turn out to be rumours.''

''Let's hope so. 'Cause I really don't like the idea of getting kidnapped by a cave.'' 


At least the 'Kidnapping Caves' didn't look as scary as the sounded. From the outside they were just... regular caves.

''I don't see what's so bad about them.'' Richard smiled hopefully.

''Just wait 'till we get inside.'' Celeste muttered darkly, but the guy either didn't hear her or decided to ignore her. 

As they reached the Caves they both started to feel a bit nervous. Had really no one ever returned from the Vortex Caves? Was that really possible? 

Celeste swallowed and looked from the Caves to her friend. 


The End

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