Richard: Max vs Nidoking

A smile crossed my face as I stalked toward the Nidoking with Max right on my tail. That girl - Celeste - was turning out to be pretty smart. I didn't have a pokedex like her, so I had relied on trial and error. Just catching Max had put Tim in the Pokecenter. I had to be careful from now on. 

The Nidoking seemed to be looking around as if confused. Had it just lost some prey? Well, no matter. I would catch it! "Max, use dig and hit it from below, OK?" The pokemon nodded and disappeared underground. It was a good thing I had taught the little pokemon Dig. TM's were turning out to be my best friend. Both my pokemon knew Protect because of it. 

The Nidoking cried out - though more in anger than pain - as soon as Max attacked from underground. The small pokemon moved away from the angered wild pokemon as soon as he could, thankfully. 

"Richard, that's horn attack!"

I nodded to Celeste, who had spotted Nidoking's movements before Me. I really needed one of those pokedexes. The Nidoking charged at Max, but me and Max were faster. "Max, use Protect!"

The pokemon shrunk down and a barrier surrounded his small frame. Nidoking charged a second later. The collision of the pokemon's Horn Attack and Max's barrier caused Max to slide back a little, but it held perfectly. So, this was the power of Protect? I had never really seen it before, so I had been doubtful. 

"Max, use Sand Attack!" I shouted. 

Max let the barrier drop as soon as the Nidoking let off, then twisted and kicked up dirt. Just as when they had practiced, the dirt hit Nidoking directly in the eye. Perfect! I might not know everything about my foes, but I could think up plans like this. 

The Nidoking spun and swung his tail at Max. I cringed as the tail passed just barely over the small pokemon. Good, that Sand Attack was doing it's job. "Max, use Bite!"

The pokemon obeyed and latched onto the Nidoking's side. Perfect! Now, to use my Great Ball. My arm moved in a flash, mainly from playing so much baseball as a kid, and the ball flew true. In a flash of light, Nidoking was gone and Max's jaws clamped shut in open air.

The ball fell and bounced once on the ground. I didn't dare get nearer yet, though. It shook once. Then twice. I prepared another ball and told Max to get back. If the pokemon came free, he would likely attack in a rage and hit...

A red dot appeared on the ball's opening mechanism. Yes!

"Congrats, Richard," Celeste said, coming out from the trees behind me. "That was a pretty nice battle."

I laughed. "Yeah, but now you know what I can do. That puts me at a disadvantage when we have a match." I looked at Max, who looked happy, but tired. "We can put that off, though. Max is a bit tired. He isn't used to real fights yet."

Celeste nodded and Tim came to sit at my side. I patted the Growlithe on the head and pulled out my PPT. The clear tube just large enough to put a downsized pokeball into connected to a small device that looked like a saucer. 

"What's that?" Celeste asked curiously. 

"A PPT, or Pokeball Power Transporter. It lets me send any pokeball I want back home." I grabbed Nidoking's pokeball and wrote 'Silvia' on it with a marker I had in my pocket. I then put it in the tube along with Wailord's pokeball, then pressed the button. "And Presto!" The balls disappeared in a flash, sent back home.

"Wow," the girl said.

"Now, where to?"

The End

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