Celeste: Let the Battle Begin

Well, to say that the guide Celeste's mother had given her was slightly wrong about the Pokémon living in Vortex Forest was an understatement. 'Vortex Forest is a peaceful forest near the town of Starrymill, inhabited by Cleffa and it's evolutions. Oh yes, we forgot to mention the man-eating Gourgeist hiding in the bushes waiting for unsuspecting trainers to feast on and of course Nidoking, which doesn't look too friendly.'

Stupid guide, Celeste thought angrily. She would've trained with Charly and Pichu if she had known about the actual inhabitants of the forest. Thankfully she now had company; Richard, who also had two Pokémon; a Growlithe called Tim and a Trapinch called Max. He was eager to catch the Nidoking, but to be honest Celeste wasn't sure if his Pokémon were a match to the Drill Pokémon.

''Nidoking, the Drill Pokémon. One swing of its mighty tail can snap a telephone pole as if it were nothing but a matchstick,'' she read from her Pokédex. ''Are you sure you want to catch it?''

Richard nodded eagerly. There was a gleam in his eyes. Oh boy.

''I've told you, it's my dream to catch all the Pokémon. And you know, Nidoking is one of them.''

''You don't say.'' Celeste mumbled, but her new friend didn't hear her. He was busy searching the forest for trails of Nidoking. 

Beside her, Charly and Pichu were happily 'chatting' with Tim and Max. The Growlithe had taken a liking to her Pokémon, and the Trapinch liked her so apparently that was good enough for him to like Charly and Pichu. She was happy that the four got along. Who knew for how long they'd be stuck in this forest after all. She hoped it wouldn't be that long, but it was pretty much a maze and quite dark. Not to mention there were Pokémon looking for a snack.

There was another roar. This one was very close by. Richard was ready to run towards it, but Celeste stopped him.

''Do you really want to surprise a Pokémon that can snap a telephone pole with one swing of its tail?''

''Good point.'' 

They decided to make their way towards it slowly and quietly, as to not frighten (and possibly anger) the Nidoking. Even though Celeste didn't like the idea of sneaking up on such a strong Pokémon, she couldn't help but feel excited. A Nidoking! In real life! She had only seen them in books and on TV. 

Richard put his finger against his lips, signaling for her to be quiet. They were very near now. Their Pokémon looked just as eager as their owners did. 

The two trainers moved past the tree, which was the only thing seperating them from the Pokémon. Nidoking was standing not too far from them and hadn't spotted them yet. 

''How are you planning on catching it?'' Celeste whispered to her friend. Richard didn't pay her any attention though; he was to busy admiring the ground Pokémon in front of him, mumbling some things that sounded like 'look at those claws! And that splendid horn!'

Celeste sighed. Did the guy even have a plan besides praising its good looks from behind?

His Pokémon seemed to wonder the same thing; Tim the Growlithe nudged its owners leg, which brought the guy back to reality.

''Right. Catching it.'' He took a look at all his Pokéballs in his coat, examining them one by one. In the end, he decided to go with a Great Ball.

''So... You've got a good ball. Now how are you going to weaken it?''

Richard didn't seem to have an answer to that, so Celeste decided to take out her Pokédex. She had to register it after all, and maybe it'd give them some clues as to how to defeat it. 

''It's weak to water, psychic, ice and ground. Well, luckily Trapinch is a ground Pokémon. Fire damages it, but I'd use Trapinch if I were you.''

Richard nodded in agreement. He looked at Trapinch with determination in his eyes. Trapinch looked back at him with just as much willpower as its owner.

''Well, here we go then.''

The End

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