A Roar in the Forest

Richard enjoyed talking about Pearce with this girl. He hadn't met the man, but from everything he knew, the professor was an amazing person. From his perfect disguises to his endless knowledge. But, Richard knew he couldn't talk about the man all day long so he stopped himself before he went too far.

"So," he asked, "Any idea where that new pokemon might be?"

"Not a clue," Celeste replied. 

I noticed Tim walk off and start to sniff at the girl's pokemon. At first my Growlithe was wary, but after Pichu and Charmander signaled him over, he relaxed and joined the fun. "Seems like they are getting along," I told Celeste.

She smiled and nodded. "Well, that's good. Do you have any other pokemon?"

I pulled out the ball containing Max and sent him out. A light announced the Trapinch before he appeared on the ground in front of me. "This is Max," I told Celeste, "He is new, but very friendly." For some reason, Max had taken a liking to Celeste, as he walked over on his short legs and rubbed his head on her leg.

"Guess he likes me, huh?" 

That was true. He never was that affectionate with Richard. Maybe he just trusted girls more? Oh well. "I really need to catch that Gourgeist... And that Golurk, too."

"You saw a Golurk?"

I smiled widely. "Yup, those things are faster than you would think, honestly."

Celeste went straight to her Pokedex, something I truly envied. Why, if I had one, then maybe I would have stood a better chance against that Golurk. I didn't even know it could fly until earlier.... 

"It says that Golurk was made in the past to protect pokemon and people alike," Celeste told me, "Wow, they are huge..."

Yeah... Huge AND fast. That thing wasn't going to go down easy. Just Richard's luck that the first pokemon he found was a major pain. "Anyway, guess I should be heading on."

"Oh, really?"

I nodded to her. "Yeah, I have to find all the pokemon I don't have," I told her, "Plus the only thing I have caught lately is a Remoraid. Hard to catch, so I was forced to use my last Ultra ball...."

Celeste looked to be in thought for a moment. "Hey, how about we travel together? Just until we get out of this forest at least?"

I looked over at Tim playing with the girl's Charmander and Pichu, then to Max still enjoying a petting. Did I even have to think about my answer with both of them loving the company? "Sure, sounds like a plan."

A smile covered Celeste's face. "Well, that makes me feel better. Good to have someone watching my back in case another pokemon tries to eat me." 

We both laughed remembering the Gourgeist. 

"But," I told her, "I want to see how good you are when we get out of here, OK?" I looked to Tim and smiled. "It's been a while since Tim had a good fight and I'm hoping you can give him some good experience. Deal?"

The girl looked to her pokemon. "You guys OK with that?" The Charmander and Pichu nodded in excitement. "Guess my answer is yes, then."

Richard smiled, trying to make myself seem like he wasn't too excited. The truth was he hadn't battled anyone since before he sent that Aron over. It would be fun to have a friendly bout. Plus, Richard still hadn't let Max fight yet. The Trapinch was a pain to catch as well, so Richard was curious how well he would do.

A roar rose from deep within the forest. 

"Um, Celeste?"


"You know what pokemon that was, right?"

There was a moment of silence. "Yeah..."


The End

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