Celeste: A new friend?

''Excuse me, are you maybe looking for pokemon, too?" 

Celeste turned around at hearing the unfamiliar voice. She noticed Charmander and Pichu standing in front of her in attack mode. 

The person that had spoken looked like he wasn't much older than she was, as he was of average height and build. He had slick back brown hair and was wearing a long coat, which seemed to be full with pokeballs. Celeste prefered carrying them in her little waist bag. 

''Yeah,'' she replied after observing him for a while. He seemed like a decent guy. "There's supposed to be an unknown pokemon around here. Did you come here from Starrymill, too?"

The guy shook his head and explained that he had come by Wailord. Wow, Celeste wished she had a Pokémon that could use 'Surf'. Imagine the places she could go! 

"I'm Richard," he said, stretching his hand toward her. There was a Growlithe at his feet, which bit his pants legs. ''Oh, and this is Tim.''

''I'm Celeste,'' she replied as she shook his hand. She made a hand motion towards her two Pokémon. ''These are Charly and Pichu.'' 

The two jumped up and waved in response. Celeste smiled at them. They seemed to immediately trust Richard now that they knew he wasn't here to attack their trainer.

''So you are also looking for the new Pokémon?'' Richard asked her after they sat down in the clearing. Growlithe started playing with Charmander and Pichu. They hit it off pretty fast. 

Celeste nodded.

''I heard about it when I was in Starrymill and I got curious. If you came by Wailord, does that mean you're not from Boken?''

Richard shook his head.

''No, I'm from Johto It's my goal to catch every type of Pokémon in the world though, so I decided to travel to Boken since it's still pretty unknown. The news about the not yet discovered Pokémon also caught my attention of course.''

Celeste nodded. That was understandable for someone who wanted to catch all the Pokémon in existence. She kind of envied Richard, since she herself didn't really have a goal. When her parents had asked her what she was going to do on her journey, she told them that she was going to have a good time with her Pokémon while seeing more of the world. Now she wondered if maybe she needed a more specific goal.

''Vortex Forest is a pretty unusual place, isn't it? I had heard that it was inhabited by Clefairy, but so far I have encountered none.''

''Yeah, neither have I. I only almost got killed by a Gourgeist.''

Richard pulled an eyebrow at this. Celeste guessed that either he didn't know what a Gourgeist was because they didn't live in Johto or that he assumed it was harmless like she had thought when it had first jumped out of the bush.

''It enwraps its prey in its hairlike arms. It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey.'' she quoted the Pokédex. It was such a disturbing description that she had already remembered it by heart. 

Richard mouth fell open at this.

''That cute little thing? I would have never thought.''

Celeste nodded.

''I was lucky that I had my Pokédex,'' she showed him the device. ''Otherwise I would have been dead by now.''

Richard's eyes sparkled at the sight of the encyclopedia. 

''You have a Pokédex? So you've met Professor Pearce then?''

''He's a friend of my parents, actually.''

Richard's eyes almost fell out of his sockets at hearing this piece of information. Celeste tried desperately not to laugh. 

''Could you introduce me to him, sometime?'' 

How could Celeste say no? He was looking at her with Lillipup eyes, practically begging her. Well, he did want to catch all the Pokémon in the world, so she guessed that he looked up to the Pokémon Professors. Professor Pearce wasn't that amazing though, not when you knew him. Sure, he knew a lot about Pokémon, but he was a bit weird. He was the biggest airhead Celeste had ever met, always lost his way (and his belongings), had these strange inside jokes with her parents that they refused to explain to her and wore the craziest disguises to get close to Pokémon (which led to him being attacked by Pokémon a lot. Needless to say, the disguises didn't exactly work). 

''Yeah, sure.'' 

Richard grinned at her in excitement and started talking about why he admired Professor Pearce so much. Celeste felt really bad for him when she thought of when she had last seen Professor Pearce being attacked by a bunch of Murkrow. Hopefully he wouldn't be too disappointed.

The End

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