Zack: Departure and Unsettling News.

Zack hitched the straps of his backpack up higher on his shoulders as he turned to look at his friend Myri one last time before setting off. He was equal parts excited and sad. The prospect of finding a new pokemon, even if there were only slight rumors of one, would have most people seeking to find out if the rumors were true. Myri understood this. They were both in the Enviro-Corps and had been working together for the last three years, which is how long Zack had been living in Azalia Town.

     I was only seventeen then, Zack though. Time goes faster each year. That's why I have to take this opportunity to get out there and see the world. And hopefully discover a new pokemon!

His friend, Phantump, made a sound like a sobbing child as Zack waved one last goodbye to Myri.

   "I know you'll miss her. So will I." He soothed, turning around, his back to Azalia Town.
 "We'll call and talk to her as soon as we set out on her uncle Hosh's ship. We won't be completely out of touch."

Reassured, Phantrump circled around Zack's feet gleefully before they set off on their journey.


Myri's Uncle's ship was amazing. It had a large open deck with chairs to lounge on while looking out into the ocean. Various playful water pokemon danced around in the wake of the ship every so often. The beds were the most comfortable Zack had ever known. There was even a garden area that Phantump had taken a liking to.

Zack's phone rang and snapped him out of his reverie. It was Myri. She was requesting a video chat, so Zack obliged. switching his camp on and propping his phone on one of the tables.

"Hi Myri, sorry I didn't call you sooner. I guess I got distracted. Your uncles ship is amazing!" Zack stated as soon as he picked up the call.

"Yeah yeah, I can tell you aren't going to miss me one bit!" Myri winked.
 At that moment, Phantump exclaimed gleefully and jumped in front of Zack in order to see Myri.

"Well, hello Phanty!" Myri smiled. "How was the trip to my uncles? Did you enjoy yourself?"

Phantump responded in kind, regaling Myri about their trip. Zack chuckled and stood up, ready to let Phatump and Myri carry on with their conversation, but Myri stopped him.

"Oh! Wait, Zack. There was something I meant to tell you before you arrived in Boken." She seemed pretty serious.

"What is it Myri? Has the pokemon already been found?!"

"No no" She said, shaking her head. "It seems that there have been checkpoints set up on the borders of Boken, checking people before they are allowed into the region. It's only at the major ports and cities, though. And you happen to be docking at one of them. That's all I know really. It just seems odd. I've never known of a region having anything like that. I wonder what's up. I just wanted to give you a heads up. Hopefully it's nothing serious. I hope it isn't a nefarious group..." She trailed off slightly, which she does when she realizes she has talked her mouth off.

"Ah, it'll be fine, Myri. I'm sure it isn't anything too serious. They probably are just trying to make sure no foul characters are coming in to search for that pokemon. Look, I'll call you again when we get situated in Boken, ok?"

"..ok. Have fun!" She blew Phantump a kiss and signed off.

Zack looked out over the bow of the ship, into the horizon. He was a little more curious about this checkpoint than he had let on. He reassured himself of what he told Myri, though. It was probably nothing.

The End

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