Richard: A Pokemon Lost, A Girl Met

"Well, Jamie, we are almost there," Richard said to the massive form under him. The Wailord hummed deeply in response, making Richard laugh a little. Around them, the open sea sparkled and flowed with the currents. Occasionally, Richard spotted a pokemon - usually a few Tentacool since he was so close to the Kanto region, but a few larger pokemon. 

Surfing around in the sea with a pokemon was really fun. Richard felt one of the many pokeballs attached to the inside of his long coat move around. It was a Great Ball, so that meant his new Trapinch. It was the second one he caught, so Richard planned to keep it. The pokeball opened with a click of it's button, releasing the little pokemon out onto Wailord's back. 

"Traaa," the pokemon said, sounding excited to be out and about. Richard patted it on it's large head, earning a happy snap of it's mouth closing. 

"I think I finally came up with a name for you, buddy," Richard told the pokemon, "What do you think of Max?"

Trapinch snapped in delight, then walked over to the edge. He wasn't used to land outside the desert Richard caught him in. Hopefully he didn't fall overboard. On a whim, Richard released the only other pokemon he had with him onto Jamie's back. A Growlithe appeared and barked once before attacking Richard with it's tongue. 

"Calm down, Tim." Richard stood up. "I'll be relying on you guys, you know." Richard crossed his arms and smiled as land came into view. "Now, let's make this new land our catching grounds!"

All four of them cheered.


The shore of Boken, the newest of the regions, was pretty ordinary. No pokemon in sight other than a few bird types in the air, but Richard had already caught all of them and sent them back home. Well, there was said to be unknown pokemon here. Maybe some of the bird types he didn't have were here, like...

Richard froze as a pokemon appeared out of the forest. Was that...?

He quickly turned and returned Wailord and Trapinch to their pokeballs and started running towards the woods that enshrouded the land beyond the shore. Had that really been a Golurk!? They were said to be made by people long ago to protect people and pokemon. Richard had never seen any, but he knew he wanted it. 

"Tim," Richard said, his mind racing with exciting thoughts of sending a Golurk home to his little sister, "We really hit a jackpot!" The Growlithe at his side gave an excited bark and raced beside him with glee. 


Richard came out to a clearing, seeing the large Golurk standing in its center. The massive pokemon really did stand three feet taller than the average man! It was amazing! "Tim, use headbutt!"

The small pokemon reacted and rushed the massive opponent. Richard prepared an Ultraball, pulling it from the massive collection of pokeballs under his jacket, and threw it. The trick to catching more powerful pokemon relied on keeping it off balance!

In a flash, however, Golurk took off into the sky, leaving Growlithe attacking nothing and Richard walking over to grab his empty Ultraball. Well, that was a little disappointing, but at least he knew they existed outside the Unova region. Maybe this land had all the pokemon he didn't have! Yes! So exciting!

Growlithe whined. Was he rubbing against Richard now because he had missed with his attack? Richard rubbed the small pokemon's head and smiled. Tim had done his best and that's all that mattered. 

OK, then! Richard pulled out a map he had gotten from Professor Elm's assistant and started walking to the nearest lake. He needed to fill up on water and have a peaceful place to use his PPT to send Wailord back home. Boken had towns, so he didn't need Jamie anymore. Plus, he would be bored just sitting in the pokeball for so long. 

According to the map, the lake should be just ahead... 

And there it was! Richard dropped a bit of feed for the grass pokemon in the area to find later and continued along the lakeside until he came across a girl. Well, that was odd. This was the Vortex Forest, according to the map. It was avoided by a lot of people, but had the Clefairy that Richard needed for his collection. 

The girl had long pink hair that curled like Richard's sisters and was wearing a nice travel suit - a mix of denim shorts, a white shirt, and a tie. She was also pretty small. Maybe she was twelve? Sure, Richard was only seventeen, but twelve year old kids definitely shouldn't be out and about on their own. 

But, Richard had done worse at twelve. Oh well. He decided to approach her, making two pokemon - a pichu and a charmander - appear out of nowhere. They weren't threatening, but they WERE watching Richard. 

"Excuse me," Richard said to the girl, trying to look as mature and cool as he could. First impressions were important. "Are you maybe looking for pokemon, too?" The girl turned around, meeting Richard's dark green eyes with her own blue eyes. 

"Yeah," she replied after a minute. Her voice was that of someone Richard's age. Maybe she was just a shorty. "There's supposed to be an unknown pokemon around here. Did you come here from Starrymill, too?"

Richard shook his head. "Nope, I came by Wailord." The girl gave him an 'o' face in reply. "I'm Richard," he said, stretching his hand toward the pink-haired girl. Growlithe bit his pants legs, reminding Richard of his presence. "Oh, and this is Tim."

The End

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