Celeste: Let's look for the new Pokémon!

Three Pokémon lovers meet up and decide to look for the new Pokémon together (synopsis right now, might change later on).
Takes place in a completely new region.

Not many people had heard of Boken, unlike the famous Kanto and Johto. Even Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos were more popular than Boken. This was soon about to change, however. There were reports of a new Pokémon, close to the town of Starrymill. Luckily for some, these reports hadn't spread far yet, but it wouldn't be long before people from around the world would come and see this new Pokémon for themselves. 

Celeste however, just happened to be in Starrymill by chance when she heard of this new Pokémon. Curious and just looking for a new adventure, she set off to the Vortex Forest with her trusty Charmander and Pichu at her side. The Vortex Forest didn't exactly sound like a friendly place, and the villagers of Starrymill had warned her of the dangerous Pokémon that inhabited the forest, but Celeste wasn't worried. She had looked the Vortex Forest up in her guidebook and she had read about Cleffa and it's evolutions living there. The villagers' fear must have been based on rumors and rumors alone. If they had just done a little research like I had done, she thought, they wouldn't tremble in fear at the mere thought of it. 

Charmander tugged at her shoelace to catch her attention, which lead to the shoelaces untying and Celeste tripping on said shoelaces. She fell head-first on the grass, Charmander and Pichu desperately trying to catch her but failed. 

''I'm okay, I'm okay!'' she quickly reassured them at seeing their worried little faces.

''What's the matter Charley?'' she knew it must have been the fire-Pokémon to tug at her shoelaces, since this wasn't the first time it had happened. It was however the first time she had actually fallen. 

Charmander pointed it's little paw at the forest, a scared expression at it's face. It clearly didn't like the idea of going in there.

''There's nothing to worry about, Char, there are only little Cleffa and Clefairy. Nothing we can't handle.''

Pichu clapped it's friend on the back with a determined look on it's face. It made a fist and pretended to be boxing with an enemy, trying to take Charmander's worries away.
Celeste smiled at the sight. Charmander seemed to be feeling a little more courageous and the three entered the forest.


Okay, upon entering the forest Celeste had to admit the forest was kind of creepy. The trees were standing very close to each other, which meant there was only a very small path for her to walk on and that there was only a little light coming through the trees. Both Charmander and Pichu were now sitting on her shoulders. Celeste was thankful for Charmander's burning tail, since it was so dark.

From time to time they heard weird noises, that they knew could only be made by Pokémon but still scared the heck out of them. Besides, none of those noises sounded like Cleffa or any of it's evolutions, Celeste was sure of that. Had the guidebook not known of other, maybe way more powerful Pokémon than Charmander and Pichu combined, living in Vortex Forest? If that was the case, she was definitely done for. Pichu was her strongest Pokémon, as it had been by her side the longest, but it was only at level seven.
She sighed and tried to regain her previous courage.

''Only Cleffa and Clefairy, maybe Clefable, but nothing else. Nothing you can't handle.''

Charmander and Pichu made comforting noises, as if they were saying 'You can do it!".

''This forest isn't that scary. It's just dark, is all. Just the fact that you can hardly see-''

The bushes at her left started shaking. Charmander, who was sitting at her left shoulder, quickly sat at her head, ready to attack. Pichu, on her right shoulder, stood in a boxing position. There were a lot of things going through Celeste's head (just Cleffa, just Cleffa!), but she was most curious about when Pichu had become so obsessed with boxing. Well, you don't need to get your priorities straight at all, she thought to herself sarcastically.

The bush finally stopped shaking and a little pumpkin jumped out of it. Celeste just stared at it. Well, that wasn't Cleffa, but it still looked harmless with it's cute little body and pink hair. She took out the Pokédex she had gotten from Professor Pearce, while the pumpkin Pokémon took in her every move. That did make her a bit nervous and she wondered if maybe she shouldn't underestimate it. 

''Gourgeist,'' the Pokédex said as it registered the new Pokémon. ''It enwraps its prey in its hair like arms. It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey.''

Wait. What?

Sure enough, Gourgeist started to move it's hair towards her. Pichu instinctively used Thunder Shock (Thank Arceus he didn't try boxing with it, Celeste thought), which led to the Gourgeist fainting. Celeste quickly got out of there.

So... The guidebook didn't mention that creepy little thing. At all. She started to think there were more things that the guidebook had left out. The villagers' fright was suddenly very understandable. 


A few hours later (or at least it felt that way) Celeste had finally reached a clearing, which looked so different from the forest she had just wandered in, it was hard to imagine that she was actually still in Vortex Forest.

Charmander and Pichu gleefully jumped of her shoulders and ran towards the little lake in the middle of the clearing. Celeste dropped herself at the grass and lay back. The lake was surrounded by flowers and harmless Deerling, Bellossom, Hoppip and some Oddish. 

She thought of them as harmless, but took out her Pokédex to make sure. Besides, she hadn't registered any of them yet and that was what Professor Pearce had asked of her after all. When she had told the Professor, who was an old friend from her parents about her journey through Boken, he had immediately asked her if she wanted to take a Pokédex with her and register every Pokémon she'd meet. It was kind of fun, actually. In the past few weeks she had learned more about Pokémon than she would have without the handy device. 

The Pokédex didn't have anything disturbing to say about the grass Pokémon, so she put it away and closed her eyes. Charmander and Pichu were happily playing in the lake, but she knew that if something would try to attack her, her loyal Pokémon would be there to protect her. Her peace was however disturbed not much later by a male voice. 

''Excuse me, are you maybe looking for the new Pokémon as well?''

The End

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