Adelyn: Not So Heartless

I couldn't believe my ears when Kaya told me she had seen Dorian with some other girl. Seriously, did he have to flirt with every breathing thing? It wouldn't surprise me if I found him one day flirting with Mr. Mime. 

I huried past Roxanne and Georgia, but I didn't pay any attention to them. Normally I would've made a comment on the fact that Georgia was eating again (seriously, it's so unfair. That girl eats like a Snorlax yet gains no weight), but my mind was with Dorian and the unknown girl. Kaya hadn't regocnised her, just said she had dark brown hair tied in a ponytail and was a bit tanned. Who could it be? A new student? I hadn't heard anything about a new student arriving, and I always heard everything. I passed Bianca at her desk, but decided to turn around and see what she knew.

''Hi Bianca, is it true that there's a new girl?''

Bianca smiled brightly at me. For some reason she liked everyone, and when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Not that I had ever given her a reason for her to dislike me. Believe me, I wanted to. Her stupid grin, her clumsiness, her optimism, her liking everyone... It all annoyed me to death. Nonetheless, I always acted sweet and polite towards her. Allies among the staff could never hurt.

''Yes! Her name is Lexie, she is one year younger, but I trust that you make her feel welcome.''

''Of course!" 

Not if she is flirting with my boyfriend. I walked around the school, but I knew it'd be hopeless. The Academy was big, like a maze. After being here for over four years I knew my way around, but that didn't mean it was easy to look for people when you had no idea where they were. I should have asked Kaya where she had seen them, but I had been so furious that I had immediately stormed out of our room. 

I took out my Pokéball and released Gengar.

''Gengar, I need you to find Dorian for me.''

Gengar disappeared through the walls. I sat down at the stairs, waiting. I knew looking for him (and the new girl, Lexie. Stupid name for a stupid girl) would be useless, but if it was Gengar looking I might have a chance of finding him. 

A few minutes later Gengar reappeared. It quickly flew away and I followed it without difficulty. Gengar led me to the third floor, towards the lecture room. In front of the room were Dorian and a girl who must be Lexie. Kaya had described her quite accurately, but she had forgot to mention that she was pretty. Her eyes were strange kind of blue; I wouldn't know how to describe it. They were like the sky, yet more greenish, but they were definitely not green. They were like the colour of a tropical sea, but ten times prettier than that, since they sparkled in amusement. Arceus, was I jealous. The girl looked at Dorian like she was trying to solve a mystery, a flirtious little smile on her face. Oh no, I don't think so.

''Dorian!'' I yelled, walking towards them in what I hoped was a threatening way. The two turned to look at me, the girl in wonder, Dorian in annoyance. 

''I've been looking for you.'' I said smiling just as brightly as Bianca and putting my hand on his arm. He immediately shook it off.


''Because I missed you, silly.''

''Again, why?''

''Because you're my boyfriend, stupid.'' 

''Adelyn, for the thousandth time, we broke up months ago.''

''No, you broke up with me. It only counts as a real break-up when it's mutual. And it's not. So we're still together.''

Dorian looked at me in disbelief. 

''You're joking right? Please tell me you're joking.'' 

The girl had this weird look at her face, like she thought I was crazy or something. I definitely didn't want the new girl to think I was insane, so I put a smile on my face.

''Of course I'm joking, silly. I know we broke up.''

Dorian sighed in relief. He had no idea I had confronted pretty much all the girls he had flirted with these past few months, and I intended for it to stay that way.

''I'm glad to hear that. Everyone is telling me you can't deal with it, which worried me. But you're okay?''

I rolled my eyes.

''Of course, I'm okay. Arceus, we broke up months ago. Why wouldn't I be okay?''

Dorian smiled at me, which made my heart melt. I smiled briefly and quickly walked away, tears forming in my eyes. Gengar was waiting for me around the corner, as if it was giving me some privacy. When it saw me crying it put it's tiny ghost arms around me, trying to comfort me.

''I'm alright Gengar, don't worry.'' I whispered, but even the Pokémon knew I was lying. Everyone in school thought I was being the jealous, possesive ex who just wanted what she couldn't have, but if only that were true. That'd hurt a lot less.

I quickly made my way towards my room, Gengar in my wake.

Kaya was in our room, painting her nails.

''Are you alright?'' she asked me, worry in her voice. She was the only real friend I had, the only one that cared. 

''Yeah, just allergies.'' but even she thought that I just wanted to have what I couldn't have. Maybe it was my own fault, for always acting like a spoiled brat. Anyway, she was never going to believe me if I told her the truth. Gengar floated behind me protectively.

''Ugh, I hate allergies. They ruin everything.'' Kaya sighed, not even looking up anymore. 

''Yeah, me too.''

Allergies were the last thing on my mind though (because I didn't have any). All I could think about was the look in Dorian's eyes when he looked at the new girl. It was different this time. He wasn't just flirting because she was pretty, or just because he liked flirting itself. He actually liked this girl. 

Everyone who knew her always described her as heartless, but if she was without a heart, how was it possible she felt all this pain?

The End

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