Roxanne: My Best Friend Ditches Me for Food

I really wished everyone would just stop whining. Why do they care whether I make my homework or not? Does it hurt them? I don't think so. I just have better things to do. Like sleeping. Any idea how important sleeping is? You can't even make homework when you don't sleep enough! So there. 

It's not like I can't do it. It's easy as pie. When I ranted to Georgia (giving the exact same arguments), she was completely distracted when I mentioned pie. No more talking about my problems with her. No. Pinky needed pie and she needed it now. So bye Roxie, go talk to yourself or a shrink or something.

I could always go to Ms. Erica, but I don't think she'd be reasonable, since she was one of the people whining this morning. I don't need to make stupid homework assignments to get biology. I was no Hazel, but I was smart. A deep sigh escaped my lips. I really needed something exciting to happen for a change. Or someone new to hang out with. Georgia was my only friend and she was currently hunting for food. 

I reluctantly left my bed (it was very, very comfortable) and made my way downstairs. I noticed Dorian talking to some brunette that I had never seen. It looked like they were flirting. Typical. Ever since he and Adelyn had broken up, it had been all he'd been doing. The fiery redhead would not be amused if she saw this.

I kept on walking, not wanting to interact with the womanizer. I felt a bit bad for the unknown girl. She had no idea what she was getting herself into. Neither did she, though. She had no idea where she was going. 

''Nurse Joy, I noticed you sitting behind Bianca's desk this morning?'' it was Professor Rowan's stern voice. I quickly hid behind a big flower vase, not wanting another lecture that day. 

''Yes, Bianca had an accident with her tea and quickly needed a change of clothes.'' nurse Joy smoothly lied. I was amazed at her lying skills, as I knew that Bianca had met up with some of her old friends. Professor Rowan believed her without a doubt though. It probably also had to do with nurse Joy's sweet appearance.

''How typical. Well, I have a lecture to prepare.''

My face paled as I watched him walk by, nurse Joy going the other way towards the hospital wing.

A lecture from Rowan? Please not for the fourth years. Please, please, please. Rowan despised her. She was 99 percent certain that he hated no other student as much as he hated her. 

Suddenly feeling down she went back to her room. She wasn't in the mood for walking around the school anymore. 

''Hey Roxie! There you are. I've been looking all over for you.''

My pinkhaired friend Georgia appeared out of nowhere, a panini in her hand, her pink eyes shining bright. That was how happy food made her.

''What happened to the pie?'' 

Georgia shrugged nonchallantly.

''Finished that already. Panini time now.''

I rolled my eyes. Sometimes it felt like my only friend (and my best friend, though I'd never call her that to her face, since I didn't know if she felt the same way) cared more about food than about me.

''So what's up?''

''Professor Rowan is preparing a lecture. Don't know for who. Oh, and Dorian has a new victim.''

''Oh Arceus, that lecture is not meant for us, right? I'm not sure if I'll survive that. He's the only one who doesn't allow food in class.''

''That's not true, Georgie. None of the teachers or Pokémon Professors allow food in their classes, it's just that they know about your love for food. Rowan knows as well; he just doesn't care.''

''So who's his new victim? I can't believe he hasn't flirted with me yet. Not that I want him to, but I kind of got the impression that he was flirting with all the girls and I am a girl, so I'm a bit hurt.''

''He has never flirted with me or Hazel either.''

''Well, duh. You're his halfsister, that'd be gross. And no one dares flirt with Hazel, even though she is beautiful. She is an ice queen. Does she have an ice Pokémon? I never saw her Pokémon, but an ice one would be fitting.''

''No idea, Georgie. And don't remind me that I have to live with that flirt even during the holidays. It's upsetting.''

''Why are you so down?'' Georiga asked me, finally noticing my bad mood.

''Well, like I've been trying to tell you, before you went of for your pie-hunt, the teachers are whining again and if that lecture's meant for us, Rowan will be whining as well sooner or later.''

''Oh come on Roxie, the teachers see your potential and hate seeing you throw it away. They do mark those assignments you know. You can't just get a hundred on a test and pass. Okay, you can, but that's not my point...''

I stopped listening to my friend's rambling. We had known each other for over three years now, the same amount of time that we had been roommates, so I was used to it. I wondered who the brunette was. I hadn't given it much thought before, but she didn't look like anyone I had seen before. A new girl? Maybe that meant a new friend. I loved Georgia, and Iwouldn't trade her for anyone or anything, but I needed someone who wouldn't ditch me for food.

A blaze of red hear hurried past us in a rage. Oh Arceus, that must have been Adelyn. She had probably gotten word about her ex flirting with someone again. Why wouldn't she just let it go? They had broken up at the end of last year, you'd think she'd be over it by now. But no

''Was that Adelyn?'' 

I nodded.


''Poor girl.''


''No, her victim, duh.'' 

''Yeah, poor girl.'' 

The End

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