Lexie: A New Start

Pokémon Academy, the prestige school in the region of Rocia, where friendships are formed, enemies are made and love blossoms (wow cheesy). Will Lexie be able to belong here?

Being the new girl was never a good thing. It meant people trying to 'befriend' you, a.k.a. turning you into their slave. Really, being the new girl sucked big time and I knew it all too well. As you've probably guessed by now, this isn't my first time being 'the new girl'. Awful title, isn't it? Especially since that's what most, if not everyone, were going to call me the next few weeks, if not months. 

I took a deep breath as I took out my suitcase from the cab and looked up at the majestic building that I'd be calling my home for who knew how long. I never lasted long at schools. My father blamed it on my 'knack of getting into trouble', which was unfair since trouble usually found me. It's not my fault that some girls can't handle me hanging out with their crush (that I wasn't even interested in. The only thing I was interested in was his awesome catching skills that I seriously needed to master. And he was a nice person, that too. It's not like I was using him, I'm really not like that), or that a lot of kids were just bullies and thought it was funny to blame everything on me (no taco's? Lexie stole them. Someone get's caught passing a note? Lexie gave it to them first. A skuntank sneaked into the school? Lexie brought it.). Really, none of the times that I was kicked out of a school had been my fault. Except... No, that was not my fault. I had to stop blaming myself for it. I took another deep breath and made my way inside the academy.

Behind the desk was a young woman, with two pink tails tied in some kind of weird circle thingies. Yeah, I really have no idea how the describe her hair. You wouldn't be able either, don't lie. 

I knew the woman. Sort of. Not really. I knew some of her many, many sisters, who all worked as nurses at either the Pokémon Center or at my previous schools. This one, I guessed, didn't want to follow in her sisters footsteps and had decided to become a receptionist.

''Er, hi. My name's Lexie. I'm new here?'' I said awkwardly. It was weird talking to a face I knew quite well as if I didn't know her, which I didn't, but... Well, you get it.

''Oh, of course! Welcome.'' receptionist Joy said. I assumed that she's called Joy, I mean, pretty much the entire family is. I can't help but think that the men in the family look exactly like their sisters and also carry the name 'Joy'. Anyway, she started frantically searching among the many papers on her desk. I noticed a nameplate that said 'Bianca'. Huh, so not only did she break the tradition of being a nurse, she also has a different name!

''I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, Bianca usually deals with these kinds of things as she is our receptionist.''

Or not. 

''I'm here, I'm here!'' 

We both turned around to see a blond girl, who could hardly be much older than me, running towards us. Her hat fell over her face, causing her to trip over her long skirt. 

''Not again!'' sighed 'receptionist' Joy, as she got up to help the poor girl up. When she was standing on both feet again, she looked at me and gave me a dazzling smile.

''You must be Lexie! Professor Oak told me you would arrive today. Don't worry, this won't take long,'' she sat behind her desk and managed to find the needed papers in no time. Well, it was her mess after all, so I supposed she knew exactly where to find everything. ''Thank you so much for covering Joy. You saved me.''

Nurse Joy sighed.

''Yes, yes. Anytime.'' and she started to walk away.

''You know I'd do the same for you!'' Bianca yelled back, again showing that big smile of hers. 

''Let's not do that, shall we?'' Joy yelled back, probably because she was a nurse, just like her sisters. Yeah, I really wouldn't want Bianca taking care of me or my Pokémon. 

''So, Lexie, let's see. Fourth year, room 403. Here's your schedule and a map of the school. You can get your books in the library. If you need anything,'' she said, as she pointed at an office on the map. ''Ms. Erica will listen to all your problems.'' Bianca handed her the papers and gave her a small smile this time.

''If something's unclear, I'll be here! Likely. Most likely.'' 

I smiled back at her and made my way towards room 403, which was easier said than done. Even with the map it was hard making my way through this school. It was a maze. And not a tiny maze. A gigantic one. 

''Need any help?'' the boy must have been around my age, so definitely a student. Was he to be trusted? If this had been my first time at a new school, I would've said 'yes' without even hesitating, but this wasn't my first time. I looked into his lavender eyes, trying to find out if he wouldn't get me lost on purpose or something worse. 

''Need. Any. Help?'' he failed his tanned arms around in gestures, probably thinking I was deaf. I raised an eyebrow at this. He looked ridiculous.

''No. Thank. You.'' I immitated him, my arms flying around just like his. 

The guy smriked. 

''So you're not deaf.''

''Just trying to figure out if you're not a douchebag.''

''Well, don't you know how to sugarcoat things?''

''I try.''

I faced away from him, desperately trying to find out where I was. Stupid cryptic map. You'd think it was a treasure map, instead of a map depicting the school.

''Looking for treasure?'' the guy joked. 

I ignored him. Was he stealing my joke? Git. 

''Look,'' he sighed. ''I don't know about what your experiences have thought you, but I just want to help. Promise.''

He looked sincere. Maybe I should give him a chance. I'd always have Froakie to protect me.

''Alright. But just so you know, I have a very hostile and protective Pokémon with me.''

The End

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