Poker Face

"Your rather difficult to figure out." Ripley whispers quietly in my ear.

Well we're sitting in a police interogation room, guess i'd better explain the situation.

Well it started with me and Ripley walking out of the local mall, to find police car barreling down the parking lot towards us. We thought nothing of it, of course until the loudspeaker came on.

"You two! Stay where you are." Boomed the loudspeaker.

"Like hell I will." said Rilpley.

"Let's go." I said breaking into a run.

In a mad dash we fled back into the mall, with so many people and so many stores we could easily hide. We ran through a different enterance. We ducked into a store and made it look like we were browsing. I grabbed some things and paid at the register.

I then ran to the nearest bathroom and changed. Ripley ran into the bathroom.

"You scared the hell out of me!" I said trying to get into the new pants.

"Hair dye?" He said grinning.

"That could help." I replied grabbing a tube.

I just went from light brown hair to jet black and casually walked out of the bathroom. The exits were locked and police were searching. They began rounding people up. I was in the fifth pack to be brough out. We were going to be interogated.

Ripley texted me, it simply read "Use your poker face." I knew what he meant.


After they interviewed me and I gave a believeable performance they summonded a new suspect. Fifteen minutes later the police walked him out in cuffs.

"Oh i'm good." I thought to myself.

The End

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