Titans; Midnight: Hit The Deck (Part 1)

    Lordy, this isn't going to be easy, Wehc thought to himself as Darkitsu pulled a confused Roy back into the containment hallway.
    In Wehc's eyes, this was nothing short of a major problem. They were stuck inside of an enemy aircraft with almost no way to escape, and they were far from one of the places where they could escape, the deck. They were far into the bottom of the Jirachi-7, by the cargo bay (another place where they could escape from, but that would practically be suicide since they were already so high up in the air, and there was no doubt in Wehc's mind that they put parachutes someplace farther out of their reach). They would have a tough time forcing their way up to the top. But even when they got there, what would they do? It would be all for naught if they had no way of getting off the ship from there.
    He turned to Darkitsu, who finished soothing Roy in terms of Krystal. "Hey, Aspect, I don't supposed you could pull us into that one dimension and get us out of here, would you?"
    "Wish I could, but the cell that I was put into drained me of my energy. I don't have enough to do that now," he responded. He was looking a little worn, too.
    Wehc pushed him further, a bit angry. "Can't you at least scout ahead in the shadows? I know you can do that."
    Darkitsu said, "I could, but...." he paused, and everything flickered for a few seconds, before everything was covered in light, meaning-
    "The power's back on. And here I thought everybody look just fine in the dark" the Aspect finished, giving a little sarcastic chuckle.
    Wehc cursed and took out a cigar from the depths of his coat, lit it, and blew a smoke ring. He reached into his coat again and took out his pokeballs. Releasing his pokemon, he called, "Alright, then, everybody, take out your pokemon. If we're going to bust out, we're doin' it my way. We're gonna have to ram through Logistics without giving 'em a break, and if you've got a better plan, I would love to hear it. If not, shut up and follow me."


    A sweaty and out-of-breath mechanic was leaning against an elevator wall, resting. His outfit made him look somewhat like a coal-miner, but barely had the physique for anything like that. The only things that made him stand from the rest of the mechanics on the airship was a slight change of color in his uniform, a different hat, and a little metal badge that read "Jigga M'ggerber- Chief Mechanic", which wasn't his name. It was "Jacob McArthur". However, when a worker gave the inscriber his name, his mouth was full. Thus came the joke that lasted a week.
    His crew had finally managed to get the power back on in the ship, lucky that they did, too; with the Holographic Rail Generator's internal power supply being abysmally low, it wouldn't have lasted much longer. A rather fatal design flaw, he thought, but it was nothing that they couldn't fix. It was rather strange how the power turned off in the first place. It seemed like a power surge on one hand, but on the other it was as if it was simply turned off.
    He wasn't allowed to ponder it for all too long, however, because the elevator came to a halt. Floor 13; his stop. As the door opened, he started to bolt... only to crash into somebody, hitting them in the gut, no less, knocking the two of them down on top of each other.
As the mechanic pulled himself up, his heart stopped. The man he had been meaning to find was on the ground, glaring at him- Viridian Giovanni.
    "M-Mister Giovanni Sir! I-I am t-terribly-" he sputtered, stopping when Giovanni held up his hand.
    He took a deep breath to calm himself down, picked himself up and inquired, "Is there a problem with the power generators, if you're trying to reach me so fast?"
    "No-n-no sir. I just wanted to report that we fixed all the problems," he replied.
    "Then why didn't you just call me through the intercom?"
    Goddamn panic attacks.
    "Well, I suppose I ought to ask what the problem was, seeing that you're in front of me now," Giovanni said, putting his arms behind his back.
    Jacob scratched his head. "Well, that's what we can't figure out... sir."
    Viridian's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean that's what you 'can't figure out'?"
    "Giovanni Sir!"
    A no-name Rocket guard ran down the hallway and stopped in front of the man, saluting. "Sir, Team Temporal has escaped from their cells! What do we do!?"
    Giovanni swore loudly. "Have you shut down all elevators?"
    "Every one of them," he confirmed.
    "Do you have reinforcements down there?" he inquired, completely forgetting about the mechanic.
    "Yes, but they're just blasting right through them."
    Giovanni scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Alright. Place guards on all the floors before Floor 7. If they get past there, I'll deal with them myself."
    "Understood, sir," said the guard as he pulled out a walkie-talkie from his belt.
    Then the lights turned off.
    ".... Mister M'ggerber. I thought you had this problem sorted out?" Giovanni's voices was slightly shaking.
    Jacob gulped. "It's J-Jacob-"
    The chief mechanic bolted for the elevator and slammed into the door. Correcting himself, he sprinted down the hallway and down the stairs.
    Giovanni dismissed the other worker and headed for the deck, thinking to himself, Lordy, this isn't going to be easy.

The End

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