Team Temporal: Midnight: Okay to Eat Now

Test signal appears on Tv with a small biohazard logo in the middle--before hitting into static to a basement type scene. There is a rather torn up couch, and a table with a rather well cut blonde man sitting behind it drinking a glass of water--we know him as Gozer. G-Man Shawn is on the couch sprawled out--head over the back.

A sound clip goes over, "I was a latch key kid. A little bit of an out cast. I would get home--do my thing. Always knowing something was screwed up with the world. Then, I found a network connection. And I found out how many other people were like me. I started talking to them--and I found out I was the normal one. Everybody else was the freaks. And I kept talking and kept talking and--"

Shawn lifts his head up, "Goooood morning! And Welcome to Counter Space. Your space for the counter culture!"

Shawn rubs his temples lifting his sunglasses a bit. Looks over at Gozer, "Right--enough of the news about Team Temporal and all that. I am getting sick of this war between Towen and Cyren. Mostly because I was covering it first--and well, it seems most of the news stations have picked up... and now they just won't put it down"

Gozer turns over, "well, it is a modern war--after that last one at the end of 1970s, it is very common for people to want blow by blow commentary of war. While the fighting has not happened yet--it does get ratings"

Shawn jumps up--bouncing a bit, "because--news has nothing to do with informing people. No idea where I got that insane definition. No--all news is would be about is ratings!"

Shawn looks over to the table, looking through the books and pulls out a dictionary, "see--I do not even have to look it up. As I am fully confident that no where in here, would it give the idea, that news is in anyway suppose to be informative."

Gozer just laughs a little behind the desk, "so what are we covering then?"

Shawn just looks over, "glad you asked! We are going to talk about Nibiru! Particularly how Team Rasta is taking it anyways."

Shawn pulls out a news clipping from a jacket pocket, "right--well, if we do not want to cover Team Temporal we have those craaaaaaaazy wacky Team Rasta nuts to follow. You know they are still pretty ticked off about this cloning thing. As well, of course they did it first."

Gozer just looks over, "oh yeah--the Krystal Spectrum project pretty much made this art completely viable. Before there were generally issues with the broken doubles. Genetics generally would fail very quickly. The whole notion of swapping in and out genes from nonrelatives seemed to work best to fit this."

Shawn scowls looking over, "look, we all know that Team Rasta made the first alien clone that lived very healthily for a while. That was born from a healthy Team Rasta brainwashed cultist follower."

Gozer puts a finger up to answer, "uuuh--yeah. They found that out to be a normal baby girl, who was born of two human parents. Though it took forever for any body of science to get anywhere near the kid."

Shawn just turns his head, "look--for the purpose of this report, we are just going to pretend--for ten seconds (probably how long any of us could do it) that these people are not crazy lunatic cultists and maybe they are right."

Gozer groans a bit, "this is going to turn into another one of your rants about the CEOs of the corporations actually being Lizard People?"

"Look, I just like that idea that IF these people were Lizard People what all it would mean. Just thinking how we would change if just that may be true. Also--any radio show where a chief research of Devan can go off on how the lead people in charge of the world are Lizard People is one I definitely want to watch.

"Anyways, going on the idea that the heads of our world are really bug eyed aliens of some sort, manipulating the humans as slave labour--Nibiru falls right nicely in here."

Gozer asks a little bit skeptical, "right--Nibiru, isn't that that dwarf star that is somehow also a planet that we have seen no proof of?"

Shawn points his fingers, "haha! See that is the genius. The dubious methods of these nuts at Team Rasta they have managed to map a course of this large dwarf star that somehow also acts as a planet, to have a thousand earth year orbit. Right through the terrestial planets orbit."

Gozer lowers his hand to the desk, "right--you'd think we may see a bit more evidence of that--like say, the Earth no longer being here?"

Shawn just wags his finger, "see that is the beauty of their insanity. They have managed to completely disregard history and the natural order of things, to present historic proof that they are not completely wacked out."

Gozer just rubs his temples now, "right, so--how do Team Rastas being the real people making clones, lizard people running the world--and Nibiru fit all into on picture?"

Shawn just sits down in a heap in the couch, "it does not--I am just not getting much for news that somehow did not come from the stuff going on between Towen and Cyren. Seriously--just some random thing from Eaglesland--maybe something from those soviet regions? Just something else."

The End

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