Titans: Midnight: Don't Stop Team Temporal

Leader was out of a job. Seems the staff shift in Rocket Logistics had caused him to find himself unemployed. He looked at the nondisclosure agreements "he" had signed. Leader removes his lab coat, changing his clothing.

His hair was now red--and tied back neatly. He bought a new pair of sunglasses--ones that just rested on the bridge of his nose. Facial hair shaved into a different style. He was wearing a different outfit below.

He had made it a note that "his" identify in Rocket Logistics was only remarkable enough for recognisition, however in doing so, if he removed any of his clothing, they would not know who he was. He sighs a bit, before thinking his next course of action.

See, the name he gave on his job forms, even signing the nondisclosure agreement was an assumed one. Constructed so there was enough documentation to say he existed. Team Network knew to make certain not to cross every t and dot every i. A few issues on who he was were constructed to make him well--real. His poor estranged "wife" that left him due to a problem that was never really said--just nodded in silence--probably was not too happy he ever knew her.

Especially when she only had a vague clue of him.

Not in the angst driven "you do not know me on the inside", or "you are a different man"--the relationship only existed for the disguise. Leader was not certain he would recognise his "wife" had he seen her anywhere.

First things first--Leader needed a new place to work. Towen seemed too obvious of a location. What between being fired from Rocket Logistics--well, let go in a staff shuffle. Leader pulled out a map. He kind of wanted to see the Isshu Region. Maybe the Orre Region? Perhaps the Weltz Region north of Orre? Heck, he would be happy in Soile or even the Fox Island Archipelago.

The Fox Island Region had an upstart it seemed. Looking into using Geothermal Energy in that location for the better. Orre had this weird research group--something about puzzles--dealing with what Leader could only determine as Ranger based technology. Weltz and Soil both really had nothing. Leader knew nothing of Isshu.

Leader walked up to what appeared to be a Jirachi station. It was a low key one. Not for a Jirachi as large or as grand as the one of Genty Island. Leader punches in some random location on the key pad for his ticket.

Well, whatever group he joined up with--he could very nicely "independently" come up with the technologies used by Rocket Logistics in his employment. Leader had grabbed a cheap wine from the Duty Free shop.

Where ever he showed up next, would be better than here.

He steps into the train car parked in front of him. A cute girl was sitting there. She smelled poor. Well--no not quite. Just her really bad perfume was a bargain brand that generally gave things away. He decided to take his chances and sit next to her. Looks at his ticket. It was indeed the Fox Archipelago. "Hi there, is this seat free?"

The girl--looking to be in her early teens shakes her head, "no."

Leader sits down next to her, asking, "where are you off to?"

The girl pulls out a card, it has a logo with a Ice Berg with a G on it. Glacier Thermodynamics, "I got a job from a great corporate team in the Fox Archipelago. The benefits are amazing. I will also do major work to help out our planet with clean energy and a team dedicated to technological advancement."

Leader sits back in his chair. Pushing his sunglasses up his nose. Grinning a bit. He lucked out--again.

The End

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