Titans: Midnight: Prepare the Seeds of Ragnorak

Stoenn had just finished yet another publicity statement for the people of Towen. This was getting irritating. It was mostly just posturing and sending threats back and forth. Stoenn exits and hits a door into a hanger.

Stoenn was mobilising Titan Co. for what would likely be a preemptive strike on their location. They idea was mostly to have Stoenn prepared for an arms race. He had considered the idea of having a military outpost fitting with obsolete weapons, and most of the important officials else where.

This would ensure a first strike from the enemy, garnering him sympathy.

First he would need to ensure his forces were decent. He finds that his Jirachi carrier was ready. He steps on, as it is being loaded. It was fitted with many smaller Jirachis. Fitted more for mobility and a form of holographic fire arms and plasma cannons.

If light could be made hard enough to hold and interact with, it could be made hard and flung at a fast rate at the enemy. Saving on required carrying capacity for munitions.

A small Pichu in flight goggles runs past Stoenn. Stoenn turns to see one of the pilots of the Jirachi Valkeries as they have been designated floats after the Pichu--seeming to be somewhat klutzy in the case.

Stoenn shouts up at the scientist on the rail ways overlooking the Valkeries' bay, "right--I am to assume you have figured out the issues with the Krystal Spectrum Project?"

The Scientist shouts down, "yes--as irritating as it was to track down Lady Void's genetic self destruct mechanics, we got them all. What you are seeing is generation 2 of the Krystal Spectrum project."

Stoenn looks over, the rest of the red headed pilots, in oddly smart flight suits (well smart compared to some stuff Krystal tended to enjoy wearing), seemed to be interacting with their Pokemon. Mostly socialising at this point.

The key was that Rocket Logistics and Cyren Region was to make the first strike. Not for Stoenn to be a slave driver--so his employees were encouraged to have a decent amount of recreation time. Especially the ones that were on call.

Stoenn shouts up, "right--and our leak to Team Network?"

The scientist shouts down, "it has sufficent misinformation in it on anything important, that their alliance to information will be subverted."

Stoenn shakes his head. As much as how he handled Team Network contained tactics they would expect. He did not enjoy his scientists being so open about it with Peter standing right next to him.

Stoenn did not enjoy that an entity like Team Network existed. They were more allied with getting any important technology out and about, than any other faction. Money did not bother them. Flesh was not something that would turn them. Food was not anything that got them. Information however, was their motive. Which while this worked against his enemies--if he was not careful it would work against him as well.

Stoenn clasps his hand in Peter's. Though, they were a cell based group, with only a few contacts between each other--and enough ability that he could not reasonably fight them. It was probably best that he just had them close enough to keep in the loop. Not part of them--but not really out of their circles of information.

It irritated him more than anything else. He could not stop it. He did not want it in his world. However, he was powerless to stop it.

Stoenn looks over to his Valkery Unit on the carrier. Well, at least, when Titan Co. does make their initial assault, he will have something to respond. Something crosses his mind. Stoenn looks up, "what about the back ups?"

The scientist shouts down, "Plan 9 is at 75% completion. AIX is at 81%. Multics is at 61%--we are thinking of abandoning that one. Solaris is still only at 31%--that unit is having issues with me working on this. The BSDs here seem 100% complete. I would have to look up the others progress--since I do not have them off the top of my head."

Stoenn groaned. It was bad enough that they refused to call the units by what city they were in--obscurity was not any form of security. However, when he insisted on this aspect, the scientists in charge of these projects going with various computer Operating Systems was a bit irritating. Especially when given the rationale that the units names need not have any tie to Towen locations.

Stoenn wondered if having smarmy people heading his projects was a good idea.


Krystal having not gotten near the engine room, sneezes and then hides. Constant appears on her shoulder, "that happens a lot."

Krystal just looking out from the cover she had taken, "I was just thinking about how the Krystal Spectrum Project would make for the lamest new wave band. Where as the Allen Parsons' Project gets rather nice laser shows, I mostly only get fans that are all exactly alike."

Constant also taking a look out says, "well, cloning several fans is more honest that conforming nonconformity via grabbing all the fans with cheaply made merch."

Krystal gets out of hiding, "and yet, just as cheap and plastic, and more expensive to set up--just for decent draws at the concerts."

The End

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