Titan: Midnight: Two Minutes

"Tickets Please--come and get your--" The Jirachi-7 attendant taking the tickets sudden found him being rushed by a mob of people in blue flowing garments. Flowing off there chest, legs, arms and legs. Almost like they were waving in the wind. Though, they were going against the wind in a lot of cases. Typically with pendants with a set of black lips imprinted on various parts of this fwaving blue cloth.

They all pull out their weapons on the attendant.

"We are Peon. We will board this."

The cultists rush past the attendant. Who--just returns to taking tickets. Trying to remember the odd occurrance that just happened. But unable to bring it to the front of his mind.


Roy starts to hit the bars--with a cup. A cup used for water for him and Krystal, "Guard! Guard! Krystal, she is getting worse."

The guard yells back, "Quiet back there--there is no reason for us to worry any more now than five minutes ago."

The train jolts--it had launched it seemed. Though--that jolt seemed more like turbulence than a launch. The cells did not have windows outside. From the ride on Stoenn's Jirachi, the ride was fairly smooth that Roy would never know.

Roy turns. Krystal's spasms seemed to be getting worse as time went on. The blue psyweave drops out of Krystal's bag. Logic appears, drops down beside it, putting a pair of sunglasses on as he looks at it,"This is not the same psyweave. Yet--somehow..."

Krystal's P*DA also drops out as well. Logic walks over to it as well, dropping down to inspect it more, "This is modified from when we last saw Krystal pull it out. It seems both more worn--and newer looking at the same time. Fascinating."

Roy picks up the Psyweave, and runs to Krystal's side. Mopping up her sweat.

A shout from Sepia is heard, "Eureka! That is the missing piece"--before drawing an X on his designs.

Sepia then gets surprised as he turns to look at Krystal. His jaw dropping, "oh dear--I--I have only witnessed this a few times. Poor girl."

Krystal blurts out a psionic shout, "I--I--I am--we are too close!" shortly followed after by, "Sorry--if anybody asks, you guys are not here."

Constant who was having similar issues shouts out, "watch it!"

Krystal twisting and turning more. Absolutely writhing now screams, "Right--sorry!"

The cell doors holding them swing open.


The crate holding Krystal could not take it any more. Krystal was shaking nearly as bad as she did a year prior. Eventually finding her fists and feet were breaking through the containing parts. An ice beam blares out from the box--busting a whole in the side.

Krystal gets up floating around--obvious very dizzy, before screaming, "I--I--I am--we are too close!"

Krystal "runs" away from the segment of the Jirachi-7 with the prison car. She speeds right past a cabin with a large group of blue psyweave draped cultists, "Sorry--if anybody asks, you guys are not here."

Krystal bursts into the segment with the breaker switches. She twitches -- hitting a few off to the side by accident.

Constant on Krystal's shoulder just shouts, "watch it!"

Krystal, "Right--sorry"


A very confused Team Temporal leave their cells. Roy taking Krystal over his shoulder--the shackles also opening at the sudden prison sector power failure. Krystal was rather easy to carry with what seemed like an increase in her levitation abilities. Roy looks at the wall--how close were they to space?

Krystal opens her eyes--and just screams and flails away from Team Temporal. Roy reaches out to chase her--but Sepia puts his hand on Roy's shoulder. "No--it is best she is as far away from where we are going as possible. You will meet her in about a year. Or maybe a two minutes. It is all relative you see."

Roy turns to look, Krystal had also taken her P*DA--he should be able to get ahold of her anyways. Roy pulls out his own P*DA--well... he thinks it was his. He should not even have it for another year.

Roy just stands there looking where Krystal ran.

Max shouts, "We need to get out of the prison cells! NOW!"

Roy jumps and runs out past Max.

The End

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