Titans: Dusk: The Past

"Hey, Sepia! We're here!" Roy shouted through the Genthy Island Gym doors. As instructed, everyone had assembled exactly when Sepia had said. There wasn't much time for errors. A small light moved towards them, slowly. Sepia emerged from the darkness of the gym carrying a lamp and a gym badge.

"Rocket has wiped everything out. This was the Darkness Gym of Genthy Island, but there's nothing here now. I don't know what's happened, but... I have the badge, anyway. I've had pretty much free reign, thanks to our clone friends out there."

"But what about the life signs?" Krystal asked, puzzled.

"They were pokemon. Zubat, mostly. There are quite a few of them here... The only reason they should up was the sheer density."

"Makes sense, I suppose." Max said, before returning to the door. He preferred to be in the light. "So, what now?"

"There's not a lot around here. Until Jirachi 7 launches, we've really got no choice but to mill around. If we do that, though, we're more likely to be found by Rocket. I suggest we head east, then. The mountain that makes up most of Genthy Island has a large lake in the centre. Its something of a marvel, apparently. They call it the 'Seat of the Seaking'."

"So, we're tourists now?" Wehc stated pointedly. Sepia narrowed his eyes and sighed.

"We can't storm Jirachi 7. If we interrupt proceedings, we risk missing our targets."

"Weiss and Schwarz."

"Right. Lets go, then. Have a look around, and then we can sneak on board." Sepia motioned for the door. Everyone turned to leave, but Wehc kept his gaze on Sepia.

"You aren't telling us everything."

Sepia removed a small card from his pocket. He handed it to Wehc.

Seat of the Seaking. Get a move on!




"What? No, that's not right. I... Hey!" Krystal wasn't sure what had just happened. She wasn't meant to be here, sure. There was another version of her running around. A younger version. Possibly a happier one. Times had changed. She wasn't going to bother questioning it. She turned to her Constant companion and sighed. "I think this was it."

Constant simply gave her a bemused look.

"Jirachi 7. We were... Well, you know what happened. My PDA just disappeared. I'm going to take a guess and say I've got it now."

Another bemused look.

"The other me. And its on. And I probably don't even know I've got it."

She sighed and sat down, mulling it over.

"So that's how they found us."

Krystal Spectrum turned her head towards Jirachi 7's launch pad.

"Well, no point crying over spilt milk. It had to happen, just wish it wasn't me. Now, how to get on board..."




"Just through here!" Sepia shouted behind him. With the exception of Max, the others were lagging. The perks of being adventurous.

"I'm sorry." Oak stood before them. He, for the very first time, seemed to be recalcitrant. He stood beside a Regirock. The legendary was forced to lean in the cavern to fit.

"Oak!" Shouted Sepia, before attacking. Regirock swatted him aside.

"I'm not here to fight. I just... I've had a change of heart." Oak removed a small stone from his pocket. It appeared to have been carved. "Not entirely, mind you. I still hate you and everything you stand for... But I've been talking to my bosses. And, if you do things right, you definitely are the lesser of two evils." Oak tossed it to Roy, who fumbled it. He narrowly stopped it from crashing to the floor.

"Then why...?" Coughed Sepia, as he rose from the small indentation he had made in the ground.

"I've seen the future. I know it does not end well... This is one of the Seats of the Beast... No, I suppose I should say Beasts now. Anyway, I'm babbling. Point is, this is one of the last remnants of the power of the ancient gods of this world. Each of them is different, but this one... I came here one last time. To prove to myself that Rocket was doing good... But I've worked it out. We were wrong... The world will come very close to ending, but I know it will be stopped... I know how you can fix this mess..." Oak laughed and recalled Regirock. "I'll be waiting... You'll know when to come and find us. I know everything now. Oh yes..." He began to walk away, slowly. Max went to stop him but Sepia stopped him.

"We have more important things to worry about."

Roy stepped forward with the stone. Sepia took it and began to examine it closely.

"It looks like a normal rock... but there's something on the inside... A gem of some sort?"

"It might be a conduction agent." Krystal floated over. "He said he came here to see something. Maybe this powers it. Or simply completes a circuit."

"Hm." Sepia looked out. The carven opened into the massive lake at the heart of Genthy Island. "But what, I wonder?"

Max stepped forward first, making his way down the cliffside. Sepia followed, and the pair edged slowly along, as far as they could.

"I see something!" Max yelled, the echo reverberating loudly.

"Alright." Sepia said, smiling. "Looks like we got what we came for." Sepia edged past Max and walked over to a small outcropping with an indentation the same shape as the stone. "Here goes nothing..." He plonked it in, and immediately the mountain came to life. Bright lights began to shine and patterns presented themselves on the wall. After a brief pause, a light appeared over the lake.

"A trap?" Max called out.

"No... Look!" Darkitsu interjected. The light was beginning to change shape, forming the outline of the head of a dragon. It was unlike any creature they had seen before.

"I cannot speak long. I am dying, but with my last will I will tie myself to this place. I will carve out this grand mountain and turn it to a lake for that is my will. I am Agrython, the... last of the benevolent dieties. Origin is locked away and Perigro has been carved. The usurprers will turn on themselves soon. That fool Arceus can never maintain power as long as Deoxys and Regigigas take breath. I entreat the six that they move quickly. This is not... how it was meant to be. You were always to change the world, but it went wrong. Something must change, but I do not... know what. Just know that the world must not end. It... must begin, and you must turn the tide. I think that must be the solution... I.... I wonder if I am there now to hear this... I cannot remember..."

"A message... Left for 'six'... Interesting." Sepia removed the keystone. The lake ceased its hum.

"Isn't it just?" Came a voice, and a smug young man appeared at the cavern they had left. "Nowhere to run now, Team Temporal. This is it."

"Ah, you... You visited Weiss a few times. You were just a grunt back then..." Fuschia called back to the man.

"Please. I was the best messenger Rocket ever had.... The name is Viridian Giovanni. You can call me Giovanni, though. It sounds better." He laughed and turned to a crowd of Rockets that was slowly growing behind him. "We have orders to take you in. Please come quietly... Either you join us, or you jump into the lake. No way out. Please, take your time deciding."

Sepia's face darkened a little. "Damn."




"Lavender. Good to have you back." Stoenn smiled at the woman standing on the other side of his desk. Her sabbatical had taken longer than expected.

"Good to be back, sir."

"Everything is sorted out now?" Stoenn offered her a chocolate, which she turned down. He shrugged and placed it down again.

"Yes. I think I'm where I need to be. I can return to work now."

"Excellent. Most excellent."




You know, Origin, I've been thinking. I know that you're projecting Saffy's image here. I've known for a while that if she were really alive, she'd be kicking and screaming at you. Fair enough. But what I don't understand is 'Why'. Why possess her? Why do all this? What do you have to gain?


I gain everything that is lost.


But why?


The End

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