Titans: Dusk: One Night Only

Krystal in amist of her dancing pulls out her P*DA for a bit. It was battered and beaten up--after the effects of two years in Cyren Region. Constant appears on Krystal's feathery shoulder, "Uh--you do not mean to log online do you?"

Krystal, adjusting one of the items that made her body's modesty not completely viewable, opens it up, "it has been over a year since I have logged into PLONKA. Now, since the Rockets already know we are here, it should be safe."

Constant looks around, "I dunno--yeah, I was there when they found us here last time... and they did seem to know exactly where we were, but... I do not even see a hint of them being around."

"Don't care--it is PLONKA time!"

Krystal quickly went through her emails and technological updates and what not. She comes up to a set of schematics on the Jirachi line, "hello--if only I did invent this."

Constant, sitting on Krystal's shoulder, also reading replies, "well, you just happened to be there when it did get brought into the world."

"Shush you."

Krystal looked over it. Again, like most of the items in Daemon's Notebook, it was a subtle idea rather than a really revolutionary one.

The Jirachi's used a form of hard light hologram technology that had only existed in small amounts so far. It really was a gimmick. It then used this hard light, to shape rails underneath the Jirachi. Which alone really does not do much. It did however, use pulses from the engines to proper itself forward and somewhat up.

The rails merely acted as a way to steer, and alter the course of a Jirach that was almost constantly in a state of free fall as it moved.

The early models were more like hang gliders or glider craft planes. Where the main goal was to get into the air--and just use the holo rails to change the crafts' course.

The energy generators as well as hard light holographic technology had gotten to the point, that a slow small burst could be constantly done. Which normally was not needed, as inertia would have the ship go way too bloody fast if kept on like that.

The burst in itself was also a hard light hologram that was shot out to push the ship forward.

Krystal hit a tab--noticing that there were also additions that could create hard light holographic wings should longevity of fight be needed, while substituting maneuverability.

It was a roller coaster ride to be sure.

Krystal sighed--and then went over to a small shop. "Time to eat."

"You sound like Roy's Id." Constant griped.

Krystal sat at a table and ordered just about any tasty thing on the menu. Including a rather nice cherry pie, that she would save for last.


Krystal was wearing a hula skirt and a coconut bra. She had a form of flower shawl draped over her shoulders. She was sitting next to Roy under a coconut trees. "Sigh, It is a shame I cannot join in on the fun. Looks like quite the festival."

Roy holding Krystal close sighs as well, "I dunno--I get a feeling that if you did start to join in, Rocket Logistics would clue in fairly quickly where you were."

Krystal turning her attention to Roy shoots, "What is that suppose to mean?"

Roy shrugs, "you tend to have a flair for the dramatic when joining these things. The flower dress, the pink Play Trainer Lopunny outfit, that Rocket Logistics Armour--I mean, just between the Rocket Logistics Psiarmour and you appearing on the news in just a blanket, I look forward to finding pictures of you in various people in the theatre departments 'private photo stash'."

Krystal turns her attention to the crowd, "yeah--I do tend to have an odd taste for clothes."

Ego pops out, "At least it was not that weird blue stuff. Hey, where is Consty?"

Constant appears on Krystal's shoulder next to Ego, "Right-looks like escape from you is not an option."

Roy, looking at Krystal's eyes asks, "where did you pick that blue stuff up anyways?"

Krystal's attention wanders around, "I had it in my things after the Kanto incident. It was a blue wavy set of clothe. It seemed to cover chest, pelvis, arms and legs--and waved about as if it were about to fall off... but could not. It also had a few fancy blue and red jewels on it too."

A small crest comes out of Krystal's pocket, with a design of a set of lips, and the words, "The Goddess Who Owns Time"

Krystal smiles, "I guess I figured since I knew I was the Goddess of Time, I may as well wear my own symbol, right?"

Krystal telekinetically pulls the wrecked blue clothes from her bag to look at them again. They looked like something out of some bad science fiction movie utopia from the 1970s. Constant gasps, "Psiweave. That clothe--it is infused with psionic energy. That is why it moves in a constant flow--regardless of wind. It moves of the 'mind'."

Krystal returns it to her bag, "well, my lab was kind of ground zero of a large psionic incident. A temporal explosion. This is a very likely side effect."

Roy looks at it a bit more, "no--not the conduit... but... that clothe seems to uh... what is the word guys?"

Id in between mouthfuls of noodles, "it has a signature very similar to Krystal's. A very odd psiweave indeed."

Hari, who was laying in the sun next to them, "heh, t-that is a n-n-nice trick. F-f-f-first c-c-c-cla-year lesson. U-used m-mostly f-f-for stage p-p-productions. It is for show."

Krystal looks at it a bit more, "that sounds like something my dad would do. That is, disarm his opponent, by something that looks impressive, but is rather simple. A form of mental trick to put the opponent off guard."

Roy grimaces a bit, "that is right--your Dad is a professional wrestler isn't he?"

Krystal shoots her attention to Roy, "it is an improvised act. Typically requiring more physical AND mental prowlness than any other performer's gig. Dad needs to know his audience, what they want, know what his opponent can do, and be able to take a fairly heavy set of hits. He also needs to be able to think on his feet quickly and not hurt his opponent too badly, while impressing the audience. I generally like to think me and Stoenn get most of our potential from him."

Roy motions for Krystal to calm a bit, "okay, okay--I did not mean it like that. He--he is quite the clever showsman."

Krystal's eyes move to the ground, "yeah... at least his acting on the seat of his tights entertains people and does not kill them."

The End

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