Titans: Dusk: Night at the Genty

The robed floating figure got off her own boat and "stepped" onto Genty Island.

She looked around, removed her hood. Cybernetic spiderwebs on the edges of her face. Red hair flowing in the wind. "We are going shopping. Then we will party a little--no, a lot! Then, we are going to eat so damned much my stomach will think I am going nuts after the last year."

A small near duplicate of her appears on her shoulder, "wait? What? The Jirachi-7 has not launched yet. You will attract Rocket Logistic's attention like nothing."

The floating figure had already pulled out a card, and started purchasing stuff under the name Krystal Spectrum--some of these were very nice island wear clothes, "Rocket Logistics seemed to know where I, and the rest of Team Temporal were last time I was here. So it is not going to be much of an issue."

The temporally displaced Krystal Spectrum tried on a few outfits, and settled on one that really could not be called an outfit--so much as a lack of one. It was a very festival and flashy sort of outfit. With feathers and colours and what not--but not much else. Krystal looks around, "hmm--I wonder if I could do a body paint outfit?"

The smaller figure, now obviously Constant just grimaces, "You know--YOU have not had to change your outfits at every town for a year now... what is with this odd superstition of yours?"

Krystal just smiles, and dances off to where she can get some food, "Hey--and I have not had a costume malfunction for a year either--I am going to say this superstition works."


Roy was with Krystal, who had insisted that they get a new outfit for her. "Why Krystal? Why?"

Krystal lifts a few of the outfits up and looks them over--most of them were too flashy for her liking. Sure they'd be easy to get on and off a woman who could not move her body--but well... some of them that looked to be the entire point, "Look--it seems that every town I go to, I end up losing my last pair of clothes. Often in a very embarrassing manner. May as well just skip the losing part and go to a costume switch."

Roy face palms, looks up and just grimaces, "You have not lost your clothes here, yet? Maybe it will not happen?"

The one of the people doing whip tricks lets slip and hits Krystal's bandaged chest--totally unraveling the bandages. Getting Roy a full sight of Krystal's chest. Krystal psionically lifted a few of the bandages for cover--but not before Roy got a nose bleed.

Krystal sighs, "well, the wound itself is more or less healed--so the bandages were no longer needed... but still."

Roy shakes his head, "Well--not questioning that any more."

Roy moves around to look for things that he thought would look good on Krystal as well.

The End

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