Titans: Dusk: Reward.

The waves were lapping at the bow of the boat as Sepia made his first step off-board. He'd been trying not to think too much about what had happened in Calar. Things were complicated now. He'd passed a horizon of some sort, and that was enough to put him off thinking.
"Well, we're here." Max said, somewhat glum. "Genthy Island. Guess we're going where no man has gone before now."
Sepia just laughed, but was cut short by a lei suddenly appearing around his neck. The rest of the group were quickly assaulted by them.
"Did I just get lei'd?" Krystal blurted out. Fuschia sniggered as their assailant came into view. A thin, slender woman dressed in an unusually tropical garb that Max thought was more akin to something Krystal would wear.
"Welcome to Genthy Island. Are you here to the launch?"
Sepia opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted.
"Great! Festivities are occurring all over our wonderful Island city, but the main event is tonight at Seven! Make sure you're here!"
"Oh, we will!" Said Sepia, forcing a smile. No suspicions. Not now.
His footsteps echoed on the metal gangway leaving the boat. The town in front of them seemed to be heaving with people, but it was quiet. Too quiet. He could see people scurrying about, saying nothing.
"Well, that's new..."


Genthy Island was little more than a small village, really. It was a mountainside encampment that grew bigger than it should have, and then stopped. That was how Sepia remembered it, anyway. This time, it also housed a large platform that he assumed was designed for Jirachi 7.
"Fun times at Genthy Isle, huh?" Max muttered under his breath. "It's far too quiet."
"Careful. We're already in trouble. Take a look around." Sepia pointed in a general sweep. Everyone looked, but no one saw.
"What is it?" Roy said, completely unsure.
"The faces." Sepia said, darkly.
Roy moved his gaze from person to person. A thin caucasian man. A fat caucasian woman. A thin african-cyrenian woman. A tall asian-cyrenian. A caucasian child. A thin caucasian man. A thin african-cyrenian woman... Wait.
"There's only five of them." Roy said, disbelieving. "Look at them all... The same five people, repeated."
"The follow up to the Krystal Spectrum project, I imagine." Sepia sighed. "Fill your event up with people that will blindly do what you wish and you've got a perfect evening."
"Are they here for us?" Max said anxiously.
"No. I don't think they've t-t-twigged to who we are. They'd b-b-be more alert." Hari stepped forward. "We're safe for n-now."
"Hari, that's a point..." Sepia knelt in front of his small companion and smiled. "You probably don't want me to do this, but I have to." He placed two fingers on each of Hari's temples and closed his eyes. Hari suddenly shuddered, causing Sepia to recoil.
"What... how d-d-did you?" Hari blurted out.
"Learned it a few years ago. Helpful." Sepia cracked his knuckles. "Five unique signatures in the town, as we know. A lot more in the gym, however. I think that we're going to find either the leadership or the rest of the townspeople there."
"It's definitely a risk." Roy said, worried.
"We're going to have to take it. Everyone, get in gear. Do what you want, but be quick. If we're lucky, we're still nobodies. If we're unlucky, either they ID any visitors or my little psychic jaunt just alerted them. Either way, we've still got a bit of time. Gym in an hour. Until then, get what you need."
"What then?"
"Then, we take back Genthy."


"That's perfect." Schwarz was looking down on his play pen. Far beneath Fel Tower, beneath his devices and contraptions, beneath the lies he had constructed as a cover, he held his sessions. His meetings where his best and brightest tested themselves.
"This power..." An abomination knelt before Schwarz. A fusion of man and pokemon, not a copy. He had suffered hours of agony for the benefits, and in the process had become that which he had so long sought.
He had become art.
The abomination rose and turned to his victim. Trainer and pokemon lay bruised and bloody before him. Nothing could stand in his way.
"I have given you the power of a god in return for your services. The price of your loyalty is all the information you have on Team Temporal's attempts to destroy the future. I think it is a fair trade."
"You reward me when I have not served you yet."
Schwarz laughed and cast an eye over the beast's victims. Within moments they were gone, banished to the infirmary. He hoped it was the infirmary, at least. He could be terribly inconsistent. His feet left the ground as he began to float down towards the beast. "Come now... Don't tell me you're having second thoughts? I have given you my love, and in return all I ask is your favour. Now, come. It is our turn."
The beast glared at Schwarz as he landed before him. "You win if you can hold me down, even for a second."
"Deal." The beast rose. The mossy shrubbery that encased his shoulders felt unusually fluid and smooth, enough for him to enjoy full motion. Despite his new form, he was quite nimble.
"Very well. Shall we go by that pitiful naming system that was given to our predecessors? I think it would be... fun." Schwarz's face twisted as his true form came to light. His hair gave way to muted orange half-spikes. Dull, yet intimidating. His clothing slipped away to reveal his gangly, rope-like arms and his stunted, rounded-off legs. He had no need for feet, or even arms. Schwarz had become one with Deoxys. The first of the gods to be found by Rocket. The one whose tomb threatened the world.
The beast simply laughed. His stony, white form glistened under the lights. He was a true titan. His foe was a God. So it began.
"Polargigas against Deoxarz. How pretentious." Polaris' new form was the first to move, throwing a fist towards Schwarz that carried him with it. He struck the wall, and smirked. He had been thrown in mid-punch by forces unseen. This would be interesting.
"Do you know the story? There were six gods." Schwarz raised pillars of earth around him, up from the floor of his play pen. His opponent used them to his advantage, leaping from each with a nimbleness unusual of a gigas. "Three of them usurped the others. They are the three we know - Regigigas, Arceus and Deoxys." Polaris leapt from atop a pillar onto Schwarz, who used his rope-like arm to catch him and launch him back upwards. "The others quite simply were defeated. Agrython, Perigro, Origin." Polaris curled himself into a ball, using his bodyweight to turn him into a cannonball as he descended. "The usurpers then bickered amongst themselves, and were all sealed away except for Arceus." The gigas ball struck the ground loudly. "Arceus turned tyrant and was eventually defeated by his own people and sealed away." Polaris clambered from the dusty wound he had made in the ground. Schwarz was floating above him. "But Arceus foresaw this. When he exiled Deoxys, he did so by meteor." Schwarz vanished, appearing before Polaris in an instant. "He sent him on a round trip." Schwarz struck a blow to Polaris' body that threw him across the room. "Should Arceus still rule, he would be able to stop it. If not, the world would be cleansed and Arceus' captors' seal would break, releasing him." Polaris climbed to his feet again, dusting off his rocky body. "Quite ingenious."
"Yes, things often are." Schwarz and Polaris both turned, surprised by the new voice. Kiss was perched on the gangway above, smirking. "Oh, don't give me that look. Please, keep fighting. It's very invigorating."
"So, you came straight to the source."
"You didn't honestly think I'd go to your precious launch, did you? That's a trap if I've ever seen one. I prefer to be more... direct." She smirked as the sound of feet tapping on metal began to echo in the chamber. In rushed Kiss' cultists, individuals whose existence had only reached Schwarz in writing. He had yet to encounter any of them in person.
"You have backup."
She smiled and raised her hand. The cultists, who numbered in the hundreds, reached into their flowing garments and each removed a black, metallic item.
"I have guns."
She lowered her hand and aimed at the pair in the ruined field. The cultists quickly opened fire, but no bullets struck the two. A shield formed around them as Schwarz smirked.
"These things never work, do they? Well, it was worth a try." Kiss continued to smile arrogantly.
"You are still trapped and outnumbered. To attack, you have to lower your shield. You will not defeat us all before we claim you."
"I don't have to!" Schwarz said, laughing, before turning to Polaris. "Trust me, this is rather a good thing." He laughed one last time before the pair disappeared. Kiss' eyes widened, horrified.
"Damn that SCHWARZ! I will not tolerate this! Not now!" She turned to her cultists. "We are going to Genthy. We will be aboard that damned THING of HIS. Now MOVE." Kiss glared at the ceiling as the metal began to rip in two, slowly at first, then with increasing vigour, until a a hole had been rent from top to bottom. "And we're going in STYLE!" She laughed as her and her cultists began to rise. She was still the most powerful being on the planet, whether she had underestimated the pest or not.

The End

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