Titans; Dusk: Sweet Dreams

"Yeah, what do you want?" inquired Darkitsu, lifting one eye open when Krystal cracked the door open. He was on his bed, sitting with his legs crossed, wearing plain clothing; a white T-shirt and brown shorts.

She slowly opened the door and came in. "Oh, I am sorry, Fujitsu. Or... is this Fujirai?"

"Darkitsu, yes," he said, a bit irritated by being called that name again. He slumped  over and put his hands in his lap. "So, what did you want? You disturbed my training."

Krystal opened her mouth and started to say something, but then closed it, confused. "Training? What do you mean?" she asked curiously.

The Aspect replied, irritation showing in his voice, "I asked you a question first. Answer it, and I'll answer yours."

She pursed her lips, a bit mad at his reply, but nonetheless answered, "My brother held a conference a while ago and I found a newspaper clipping on it. I was going to leave it for you to read later."

Darkitsu held out his hand for the paper, and Krystal handed it to him. He read the article slowly, taking in what the contents said. When he got to the part where Stoenn offered a job for Fujitsu, he froze, then gave a sad grin. It was such a shame that while his body still was alive, Fujitsu wouldn't ever be able to experience the joy of having that job for him. Still, it wouldn't be that bad for himself to get that job, even if it did mean to have to fill in the blanks of the knowledge Fujitsu passed on to him. Maybe he could disappear and ask Daebii to help give him more time?

But he digressed.

Chortling, he set down the article to his side and gave off a real smile. "Oh, yeah, Fujitsu would love to work there. But he was just starting to travel the world, so you might not see him there for at least a year. But this is still great news."

"I am glad that you think so," said Krystal, "but what did you mean by 'training'?"

Darkitsu sighed, "Well, you see, back in that slum I had to save this one girl from either being mugged or raped, I dunno which one it was, and when I put her to sleep to take her to the hospital, I could sense that I didn't give her a nightmare in the process, which is mind-blowing."

"Did you send her mind into purgatory, then?" asked Krystal.

"Bingo," replied the Aspect. "When I found that out, I started thinking, 'so now I can send people into purgatory. What if I can give them sweet dreams?' And now I'm currently training my mind in order to do so, me and Fujitsu's Pokemon as the guinea pigs. Of their own free will, mind you."

Krystal was actually mildly excited by the news. "Ooo, how is the progress?"

Darkitsu laid down on the bed and put his arms behind his head, staring frustratingly at the ceiling. "Well, for starters, I found that the purgatory-thing was a fluke, and I've been giving nothing but nightmares to the poor things."

"Wait, you have been trying to do this with them still in their pokeballs?" asked Krystal confusedly.

Darkitsu nodded. "Yeah. I've been trying to do this with barrier-related difficulty. I've actually been making some progress with this; the dreams aren't as bad, but I've still got a damn ways to go." He scratched his head, looking uncertain. "You know, it's really weird."

Krystal tilted her head. "What do you mean? Me floating with Styx?"

The Aspect raised his head and stared at the girl.

".... Well, that, the zits, and the fact that I'm supposed to be a horrifying nightmare-based Aspect, and yet I'm searching for a way do make myself the opposite. It feels like I'm going against my nature."

"Well, you are," replied Krystal, "but in that you are also adding to what foundation you already had."

"Kinda like evolution?" Darkitsu asked, propping himself up.

She said, "Well, not quite. But you would not want me to explain it to you, would you?"

"Please, no," answered Darktisu immediately. He didn't want a collage professor-like lecture being aimed at him.

"Okay," said Krystal, actually sounding somewhat relieved. "By the way, what has Puuk been doing?"

"Fujitsu? He's been lying on a metal table, waiting for his turn for experimentation," Darkitsu came up with.

After a couple second's worth of thought, he grabbed his pokeballs and tossed them to Krystal, who used her psychic powers to levitate them around her head.

"They've been really pushing themselves for my training. They deserve a long break, so please let them out and have them play with the other Pokemon, alright?" Darkitsu requested sincerely.

"Alrighty, then. Good luck with your training!" Krystal and Styx left without saying anything else.

Darkitsu plopped himself down on his bed again and turned on a small fan that had been set down and closed his eyes. Letting them go was the least he could do for them. After all, he knew what it was like to go through experimentation.

His breathing slowly became rhythmic, and after a couple of minutes, he dozed off into blissful sleep.

The End

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