Titans: Dusk: Still Light

Krystal noticed that she never got sea sick since the Kanto Incident. Since she mostly levitated, the whole rocking of the horizon just did not occur to her.

It was a shame what happened in Pidgeot's Claw. They needed to not be tracked. Krystal thought about how much just using her account would pin point something odd going on. Though, with what they did manage to get was not that overly bad.

It looked like a small tug boat. The captain seemed like a decent person. Krystal thought about the captain, and worried if it may hurt Fujitsu due to being reminded of the Captain guy who only barely escaped death in Turret City. Krystal wondered where he currently was.

Krystal was being quiet though. She tended to find she accidentally learned things when she talked to people. Just glimpses. Some made her curious. Others curiousity was the last thing she had. The one sailor over there, working on some of the rigging. He scared her the most.

She went up to him, to ask about something--she does not think her nightmares will ever end from that one. Nor will she ever be able to walk into a fishing store ever again while wearing a short skirt. She mostly only got stuff involving fishing line and fish hooks... done without consent... she... she did not want to know more.

Krystal had gotten so that she was completely silent except with Roy...

... And Puuk.

It was well--people had privacy that needed to be respected. She also kind of learned why she needs to trust the person she is talking with. The trust was now required to be both ways for her to talk.

Puuk just kind of appeared on the boat. Krystal did not remember seeing him board. He was in his Cabin. A crew member asked for his pass--which Wehc still had at that point. Krystal kind of was wanting to talk with him.

She had seem a press conference her brother had given appear in a news print item that had some fish and chips in it. Fujirai seemed to spend a lot of his time meditating.

"Rose? Elia Rose?"

"It is tough to not be able to tell people good news."

"Whoo! Hya!"

Krystal looked around. That was a tad bit dirty sounding out of context. The people on this ship likely could piece together enough of the Newfie, Cockney and Welsh to get that.


"Yeah, I do not think trying to go all Mummers on Puuk would work anyways. I mean, even if I did get the mask, and a song to sing--I kind of levitate."

One sailor jaw was dropped at Styx' little suggestion.

Krystal had grabbed the clipping, and she pulled it out, reading it. She missed most of what was talked about. She did see enough to know her brother approved of both Gaebrille and Puuk enough that well--the mechanical aptitude thing was a big compliment. She saw what was eventually required to get hired at Titan Co. Add to that, he offered Puuk a job. Whatever background research he had done must have impressed him a bit.

She showed the clipping to Roy... who really did not get it. She kind of explained that with what all is required to get in, just for her brother to be as impressed as he was said a lot. Ego and Logic took over explain it to Roy.

"You know, what will happen is Fujitsu will find that clipping at some point after he has done something even more stupid than this--and kick himself for it."

Krystal "looked" at her shoulder--what with her inability to move her neck much, "hey, there is my little ray of light, c."

Constant, or "c", floated on Krystal's shoulder, looking like a little Mini-me. She had made threats of death against Krystal ever saying, "you complete me."

Krystal saw that Constant stacked her abilities. The move she called Kaioken, was Focus Energy, stacked onto Bulk Up and Curse. The Kamehameha was an odd stacking of Giga Impact, Overheat and Hyper Beam. She asked about where she figured out how to stack her abilities.

Constant said that just shortly before she showed up in Roy's head, she was in a spot, where she was a Mankey, eventually a Primeape and learned how to stack there. She just assumes that she merely got one good thing out of what likely was a hallucination brought on from sheer lack of oxygen.

Judging from stuff Ego said, c's move pool also included Screech, Rage, Frustration, Rain Dance, Snore, Leer and Rock Smash.

Constant just sighs, "Well--I'm worried about Puuk too. I mean--he is spending his time alone. According to Ego, his Pokemon are kept in their balls. He is just meditating."

"<Hey! How come I do not get to play!>"

Both Constant and Krystal sigh, and Constant yells, "Myself dammit! Shut the hell up Nappa!"

"<Somebody is not a good team player! You know you want to let me out>"

"I know what I want, Nappa--and yes, it is with you out... and in several pieces over there, over there and... sorry Krystal... he just seems to bring out the worst in me."

"<My mom called me her special trooper. Then off to school I went on a very very short bus--and I got to go to Dairy Queen!>"

Krystal lets Styx know to float her to Puuk's room, "<Yay! Movement. Are we-->"

"--I figure, why not just go into Puuk's room, and just leave the clipping for him to see. I will attach it to that Delcatty he has recently gotten."

Krystal knocks on Puuk's door, and opens the door knob to peak in for a bit prior to putting down the clipping. She did not want to surprise him.

The End

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