Titans: Dusk: Strange Days

Stoenn Spectrum had another of these conferences. He was rather stressed out. It really messed with his chi. It would have been worse had he not had the Team Network member to his right hand side. As much as their On The Clock clothes, as they called them, made them look stiff, they can be very warm to the people they care about.

"Stoenn, you appear to have not taken Weiss' war declarations seriously. What are your comments on this."

Stoenn sighed--it was not easy dealing with this again and again. "Look, we control the air to a certain extent, should we mobilise the Jirachis. This mixed in with a few items that my sister appears to have created due to mistakes in understanding the product or by accident. Such as--" Stoenn produced a Daemon Ball, "these. Which appear to have been built into being made out of pure explodium. I still do not get how she pulled it off--the boys and girls in the lab however do. Like usual, it is just some subtle change to how it is done, rather than, anything mind breakingly different."

"So, Stoenn, you admit to being a merchant of death. Dealing specifically with explosives that are use to kill many."

Stoenn grimaces and tilts his head to the side and looks forward, "look, compared to what the Pokemon can do, I am only giving humans a slightly better chance. Either way, why not look into our work with the mobile item companies. We have produced a fair amount of the firmware options for the Pokemon * Data Assistant. Including one of the main operating systems that you can choose to purchase for your P*DA. We also have our own line of Pokeballs, that tends to get choice reviews in comparison to that of Silph co. and Devon Co. We look at it, due to our corespondences with the various Pokeball artisans. Which is part of what has lead to our product to help the Apricort trees population, which as you may understand has been dwindling in recent years, and only really available in the Johto region."

"What about your work on the Pokemon theft devices?"

Stoenn looks up at the reporter, "you mean the help we are giving into the production of the Pokemon Styler? A device that the only people misusing it tend to be rather inexperienced and very uneducated? The same device that the Pokemon Rangers in Fiorre, Almia and Oblivia use to make the lives of the people in the regions enjoyable and safe?"

"So you are denying allegations of you and your sister being linked to criminal organisations to get your positions of power. As seen by two mafia members in Team Temporal, as pointed out by an inside man from those same Rangers?"

"I know the two you mean. One is a former member, and is trying to go clean. Hence why his issues of being framed due to Team Temporal's little bad media bit. The other one, I know who he is. Yes, he still appears to be part of it. Which is why I am shocked he is a member of Team Temporal. Unless he is there to study for some other criminal group, I would say he has no reason to be there. Especially now that he likely knows there is nothing there to study. It puzzles me really. It also has me worried about my sister."

Stoenn sat down a little bit more, folding his fingers together, "now, I need to ask, why is he so insistent on this war? I mean, I have been over looking the allegations that my sister and a few of her good friends, have been framed. One, Royal MacKealan, is a theater assistant with an oddly high mechanical aptitude. The other, while he seems a bit off, he does have a fair amount of knowledge, and when this is over, I would love to have Fujitsu Komogutchi, as another researcher in my lab. I did do a background check on them. Then we have the photographic evidence that Rocket Logistics' little 'Daemon Army' had a fraction of it, that one of the members decided that impersonating me was a good idea."

Stoenn leans forward a bit, "now, if I was a merchant of death, why would I turn such a blind eye to what appears to be Weiss trying to constantly get my goat, and goad me into an attack. I mean, one of his company's little frame ups even had my darling baby sister get caught in one of the explosions. She was safe from harm--but I did nothing to launch an attack at that point."

Peter gets up, and offers to help him out of his seat. Stoenn did not need it, but Peter was rather excessively polite around him, "now then, I understand, that the staff member who orchestrated most this, has been committed in a mental asylum. I have talked to one of his former coworkers, who quit because he was especially worried about my sister's good health. I would suggest, that the reporters press to find out what exactly is going on so wrong in Rocket Logistics' structure? How did these plans come into place? Thank you."

Stoenn moves to walk from the conference room, "one quick question Mister Spectrum--are you still being affected by the death of your partner?"

Stoenn did everything here he could not to give a knowing wink and a smile, and said, "I have moved on. I have had war declared on me, and my sister's safety threatened. I will mourn Nick afterwards. I do however have somebody that is very polite and supportive during this."

Camera flash bulbs went off as the conference was being cleared.

The End

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