Titans: Dusk: News Update

Enter into a form of basement looking talk show set. With a rather torn couch, a broken desk with what could on be Grey Man Shawn, and Gozer working the technical equipment across the studio from him.

"Gooooooooodddddd Evening! And welcome to counter space! Your space for any developments in movements that are only slightly legal and anything completely unreasonable. I am here with my good buddy and fashion coordinated cohost, Gozer. How is your day? You seem prepped up."

"Ah--my girlfriend and I are going on a rather big date later tonight."

"So, you are going to pop her the question?"

"She watches this--I wouldn't say even if I were."

"Dressed up like that, I think we all know you are going to do that." Shawn then looks over at his computer monitor, "Anyways, let us just go over who all we have giving us feed back on the chat.... okay... lets not go over that. It would take half the show just to do."

Shawn gets to look back to Gozer and starts, "so, you know--it has been really slow for news lately--I mean, nothing new to tell the audience."

Gozer just laughs a little, "oh, yeah--what with Team Temporal being around. The news is never exciting at all."

"Ah my passive aggressive vegan friend, you really help me go into what I am doing here.", Shawn turns to the audience cameras, "it appears with what all has been going on, covering anything that Team Temporal does, may be a bit hard for the audience to follow. I mean--I could probably just go twenty four hours on this subject."

Gozer just laughs, "I hope not--we do not want to have to pay even more for bandwidth bills."

"And you will have to--with how long it will take to explain this stuff. You'd almost think we were in one of the japanese animated movies. You know, the really screwed up ones, where you have to ask what that person really looks like, as he only appears as how the person really sees them."

Gozer laughs a bit and just lets out, "let's home our Anime does not have that whole Gainex Ending going for it."

"Yeah, lets hope not. You got the slides?"


Shanw first goes to a slide containing an asteroid, "now followers of my show, know that this asteroid here has been on a crash course straight to Earth for a while. I mean, literally thousands of asteroid are on a death collision to the Earth. This one is one that has been mapped."

The next slide goes to Weiss, "this is why Weiss of Rocket Logistics has been setting up a war between the Cyren Region, and the Towen Region. Some kind of arms race to deal with the asteroid without hurting people."

Gozer interjects, "Well... from asteroid related injuries anyways."

Shawn just shoots over a look, "this arms race was mostly came up with, via Weiss' ability to take a single group of kids and paint them up as some kind of villain."

Slides of Krystal being taken away from the Franc Fiends Incident, followed by the detonation, "during this time, the patents of Titan Co., were used to indite Krystal Spectrum with the destruction of... pretty much every important land mark in the Cyren Region."

Slide shows of various rubble of the buildings blown up allegedly by Team Temporal, "because as we all know, that when something is registered in the patent office, that nobody could build something based on that, to possible use in framing them. Nooooo.... it is not like a patent literally requires you to include the design and schematics or anything. Lets not be silly like that or anything."

The slide shows then go to Lady Kiss Void's creation, "for some reason, a few of the people at Rocket Logistics figured cloning Krystal Spectrum was a good idea. Though, it was thought that they had leveled building onto her."

The next few slide shows include pictures of Stoenn Spectrum's attempted capture by Rocket Logistics and Lady Kiss Void sitting in Stoenn's CEO chair, "then, we have the clone taking a hold of Stoenn's position in his company--just after..."

A slide of the Daemon Army with the title of, "Darwin Wars: Episode 2: Send in the Clones"

Shawn just looks at it, "you know--I kind of got what she was thinking. One of me is awesome... so one million of me must be even MORE awesome. I kind of ag---NO I DO NOT AGREE! Seriously, Gozer, would you want one million of me?"

Gozer says, "I can barely handle or want one of you."

"See! Exaclty--wait..."

Shawn shakes his head, and hits the next slide, having the many deaths of the Daemon Army, with a still of Krystal having gone shadow, "Next, the clone of Krystal kills off of the clone clones--which ticks off Krystal at all the waste of awesome she sees... or something. I dunno. Maybe she wanted to kill the clone clones herself. Either way there is some big fight between her and the rest of Team Temporal."

Shawn puts up a still of Weiss' address, "so now, rather than all of Team Temporal being criminals, only Krystal is wanted."

Shawn turns, looks at Weiss' currently manner of dress, "what is he? The hypocritical fashion police? As that is all I can really see Krystal being guilty of. That and REALLY bad press."

Gozer speaks up, "well, in some countries really bad press is a crime."

Shawn just turns, "and in those countries, usually the prisons are empty, and work projects build stuff at great speeds."

Gozer looks at the time, "oh--we are almost out of time."

Shawn yells, "good bye everybody--next time maybe I will go into the various profiles of Team Temporal's wonderful members and staff. Until next time, that is what Network said."

The End

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