Titans: Twilight: A Cold Breeze

"Just die already, witch!"

The loudest noise Krystal heard in her life banged out through her head. A Pokemon researcher, who was known for laboratory explosions.

Krystal unable to think and act quickly enough, engulfs herself in ice. Her box ability should make it--everything got really bright.

The ice shield did not work. She barely managed to stay conscious long enough to hear Perfection start screaming something more about Trozei. "P has gone mad!"

Next she opened her eyes, there were two paramedics standing next to her--she thinks. She was being rushed somewhere. The two medics she did not recognise the uniform. "The bullet, it was not fatal--she is lucky"

"Not entirely--the impurities in the ice now have entered into her body."

Krystal passed out again. Next thing she knew--she was in something that looked like a hospital. She tried to get up--pain in every muscle in her body. Max and Wehc who were standing over her bed. They had not noticed.

Wehc looks over, "it was lucky we could call a favour."

Max shakes his head, "I owe this guy too much now. I do not like it."

Wehc sighs, "too much for this girl's--Krystal, you are awake."

Wehc hits a button buzzing a Doctor in. "Hi, I am Dr. Gliffet. Please, do not mention I work here. It is because I want to help people who cannot otherwise be helped."

Krystal caught a glimpse of a set of key chains in his pocket. Krystal tries to speak, "you owe--them"--it hurt to talk.

Dr. Gliffet notices the key chains in view and moves them deeper into his pocket, "we all have our debts. Fortunately--mine has save you. You do realise what you did was very stupid right? The ice shield."

Wehc walks to the window, "Ice is by far one of the filthiest substances in nature. It takes a piece of dust to create a flake of snow. Then, as glaciers and what not get created via compacting together, any dust and what not in the atmosphere gets stuck in them as sediment. Glacier water can possibly be worse for you than ocean water, depending on what sediments are in said glacier."

Dr. Gliffet pokes Krystal, "your shield saved your life, but any toxin in the local area has now entered into your body, when the bullet impacted the shield. It resulted in a light bullet wound in your chest, that did not make it to any vital organs. It got stuck in your ribs. It also resulted in you being rather badly poisoned."

Krystal tries to say, "how--how can I?"

Dr. Gliffet produces a few vials filled with morphine "take this only if the pain gets to be too much. It is a very addictive pain killer. Also, do not let the authorities see this--this is a controlled substance, that you do not have a prescription for."

Dr. Gliffet puts them by Krystal on the bed, "Drink plenty of water. Some of that stuff will pass through your bladder. Some of the stuff may cause issues with you taking in food."

Krystal stared at them--just like she stared at them as Roy finished getting the last amount of StopAll! into her.

Roy looks over to the floating vials, "you have not taken any of that... that... well--you appear to be doing better."

Roy grabs a mirror. Krystal's face, arms, shoulders and back were covered with acne. "Wow, some of this, my Kidneys cannot process--so it is exiting through my skin."

"Remind me never to do an ice shield"

The End

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