Titans: Twilight: Daebi's Garden

Krystal tried shouting a bit wincing, "good idea, Pukk!"

She tries using a bit of psionic ability to open the Pokeballs with Styx and Kane in them.

She winces as she tells Styx to get behind her and push her a bit, letting Kane know that she may need to be Krystal's hands for a bit. Ego just looks over, "you know... you do have a fair amount of psionic ability. You should use it more."

Krystal looks over wincing to say, "what do you mean?"

Logic, kneeling down removing his sunglasses for a bit, "well, you can talk with your mind, for starts. Start using telekinesis. And, to make your muscles stop moving as much--even those movements from rolling your shoulders so much, some StopAll! should do the trick."

Krystal blinks psionically saying to her companions, "that works, but, we do not have any StopAll! It kind of ran out during Puuk's bad moment."

Logic just stands up in a dramatic manner, looking directly at Krystal, putting his sunglasses on, "Oh, Fujirai--yeah. totally not Fujitsu... he holds his left pinky just slightly different. His right lip moves up just a fraction more. Anyways, I saw a small amount of StopAll! about two blocks that away!"

Ego just laughs a bit, "yeah--but don't tell Puuk we know. I find the idea he is fooling himself to thinking he is fooling Roy's Ego and Logic hilarious."

Krystal lets out a snirks, "come Roy, let us check out that StopAll!."

Roy and Krystal had walked the few blocks, to a building that Sepia had walked with them to the front. Sepia seemed a bit on edge. He did not like... Krystal decided not to poke in his head. Not for privacy--what she did see scared her. Though, the StopAll! being here did make a lot of sense.

Krystal sends a signal for Styx to break the door open with an Ice Beam. Roy looks over and Ego just shouts, "well, that solved that lock. You should probably just let the professionals next time."

Id eats some more noodles, "Ego, you are out of bomb pies."

Ego looks a bit surprised for a moment, "like I said, it is good that a professional like you is here to open this door."

Ego then starts sending dirty looks at Id a few more times.

Roy's jaw just drops, "so--much... StopAll! Why?! Is there some Aspect here or something."

Roy had not seen this much in one location since Franc Power Plant. Krystal slips off her jacket, slowing only her bandages underneath. "Roy, we are taking some. This can be used to make my muscles stop moving as much involuntary. It hurts every time I move. From.. from well, you were there."

Krystal sees some leaves blow by with some slight laughter and winces to say, "Daebi!"

Krystal was sitting in front of a tea set. Daebi was there. So was--a comatose Perfection... in a sun dress and an oddly fetching hat. Krystal looks for a bit. It was a garden in the middle of sunset. Krystal heard the distinct laughter of children, but saw no evidence of them being around. Save a swing set that seemed to move constantly, like a child just jumped off--not able to return to rest from that stage, and not able to return to full motion.

It was a twilight tea in Daebi's Garden. Some Pachirisu offer a chair for Krystal, and she reluctantly sits down. Krystal blinking goes, "how... how is P?"

Daebi sips some tea, "oh, he has been doing marvelous. I mean, it is a shame his place in the world. Some people see him as a comatose vegetable in a constant battle of clawing out of his subconscious while his subconscious tries to keep him inside his head due to fear of the horrid outside world, he is not ready for. Do you know how many jobs he has been turned down for?"

Krystal blinks, looking around a bit disturbed.

Daebi puts her tea down, "here, I see him as a delightful gentleman who knows a wonderful sun dress, where to get the most fetching hats.. and"

Daebi picks up a scone and bits into it, "mmmrrrmmm! Makes the most delightful scones. I mean try one. The nursing staff, do state that his rather puppet like movements as he gets up every day to bake these delightful scones are a indication that brain damage may have occurred. I think he just feels a bit sorry for that mess in the Tv station."

Daebi rubs P's chin, "aren't you? Oh, your apologises are the best--I mean, you do know how to make the perfect scone."

Krystal blinks and gulps, a bit scared here, "right--apart from demonstrating your power over people who tick you off, is there any business to this tea party?"

Daebi tsks a bit, looking over at P, "what is with humans, rushing around. Always in a hurry. I mean, yes, P, I know you are human, but you have always been slightly... more perfect than most."

Krystal sips some tea, "okay, that can wait."

Daebi offering P a scone just mutters, "well, talking about the weather just has all the air out of it."

Krystal tries a scone--"mmmmrmmm! Delightful!"

Daebi sighs and beams, "I know--however, Perfection will not share his perfect scone recipe with me. Isn't that just greedy of him?"

Krystal puts the scone down, "well, perhaps a change of subject? What is on your mind?"

Daebi sighs, "The Corna Region. I should have went there."

Krystal blinks, "I thought you were going to that place a few months ago?"

"Yeah, but a future me warned me to not go there, and I did not go--I mean, I told myself it was horrible. I listened... and now I feel a bit jilted. Sometimes, you can know some place is bad, but somehow, feel bad you missed out. I mean, maybe the trees did work out in the Quartz Tower? I mean, what with those crazed Russian Circus Mechanics working to make the sun bigger, I bet it would really glisten and look pretty in the sun."

Daebi smiles for a bit, "that is all I wanted. Just to, you know--talk about something that is bugging me. By the way--I should probably warn you. Stay off of Jirachi 7. There is some thing you will learn on there... something you will not like."

Leaves blow and she sees Roy look at Krystal, "where?"

Krystal blinks, "what?"

Sepia just looks around a bit, "you said Daebi."

No time had passed here. Krystal tells herself not to shake her head to get the eeby jeebies out. It was hard. Krystal psionicly picks up some safety gloves and throws them at Roy, "anyways, time to start rubbing that lotion into my back, arms, neck and what not."

Sepia walks around the corner to a spot he can light a smoke without starting a fire, "I will just give you two some privacy."

Ego rubs his wrist, "time for Roy's world famous massage."

Id eats some soup, "he does not have a massage."

Ego, "nonsense, how else will he get the ladies?"

Logic looks over at Ego for a bit, "what ladies?"

Ego looking irritated just grimaces, "see--this is not what we call being a positive team player here. I give and give and give. All these great ideas. Then, you two fail on the follow through. I mean, at least, Consy could be depended on. Not like, not like you two."

Id shouts, "you hated her!"

Ego tsks, "see! Dependability!"


The cloaked red headed figure was buying tickets for a boat ride. The small red headed figure sneezes. The cloaked figure says, "bless you, Constant."

The End

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