Titans: Twilight: The Best He Could Do

Darkitsu stared out to the town and shook his head. From what his and Fujitsu's memories held, he was sure that neither of them had seen anything as sad a sight as this was. Even for him, the situation had a good effect on him.

He came to a totally random decision at that moment. Turning to the group he said, "Hey, I'm going to take a look at the town if anybody needs me. I'll be back... whenever. See ya'."

"Okay, see ya whenever," replied Roy, nervously eying Ego who was wearing a mischievous grin on his face.

After a few goodbyes from the rest of the group, Darkitsu turned and headed out without another word himself. A few seconds later, however, Max spoke up.

"Yo, Darkitsu," he called, "where's Fujitsu been lately? He hasn't really been talking to anybody." It didn't take a genius to find the tone of suspicion in his voice.

Darkitsu froze and everybody watched him, waiting for an answer. They say that the truth will set you free, or something like that, but Darkitsu knew that he couldn't say it without some consequences being bestowed on anybody. So he did what he thought would put them to rest on the subject for a while.

Try to impersonate Fujitsu. Key word being "try".

He turned around and put on a frowning serious and confused expression on his face (a miracle he succeeded without cracking a smile) and strode up to Max. He stared up close and personal at his face for a few seconds, then raised his hand, pointing his index finger down in between both their faces waving it around randomly, somewhat mechanically; Max followed all the movements looking really confused.

Then, as sudden as this started, Dark flicked Max in between his eyes, yelled, "You are not blind! How can you say that you can't see me, I am clearly right HERE!" and waddled off away from the team, desperate not to crack up and blow his cover.

It was no use. He doubled up in laughter about seven paces from everybody. By the time he stopped laughing, he was well aware that he was receiving suspicious looks from the group and knew he had to act fast to convince them otherwise from any ideas.

Darkitsu plopped down on the ground like a tired child and smiled like a dope. "Darkitsu punched me in the face. It tickled." Hopefully they'd believe him.

Everybody just stared weirdly at him, including the civilians of Calar. Then Sepia pipped up and said, "Fujitsu, lay off the insanity or something. Have you been using as a drug in that... place?"

They believed him. The idiots.

"It is very possible."

"Well, we will see you later, then Puuk," said Krystal.

Darkitsu got up and brushed his butt off. "Okie-dokie. Also, you guys should really bring out your Pokemon. How long has it been since the poor things have seen sunlight?"

He then walked away from the team, bringing out his own Pokemon, including the completely bewildered new addition to the team (being led around by Hitmontop), and they all disappeared into the crowd.

Wehc glared at the Aspect. He wasn't convinced at all. His worst suspicious seemed to have been confirmed by that display, actually. Looking at Max, he was relieved to see that he wasn't the only one smart enough to see past the disguise. If only he could team up with him to try and see just what was going on.

Walking away from the group, he released his Mareep and Aipom, who tailed behind him. "You know," he called, taking out a cigar and lighting it, "I think I'll take a tour around town, too. Anybody want to, ah, accompany me?"

The End

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