Titans: Noon: Sunshine

Krystal who due to levitation could move without that much pain on the matter just looked at the bike rental shop in horror. She put her hand onto her chest to feel out where the bandages were on under her loose shirt.

Trying not to think about what occurred with P. Whatever a Trozei was--she did not like the thought after he started screaming about it. She sighs--and winces out an "eep". It hurt to move the oddest muscles.

Good thing she levitates, right?

Krystal stutters--trying to say that she did not want on a bike. That red headed girl appears on her shoulder, "look, I do not think that Roy will require you to ride a bicycle. There is a bench over there--just sit down a little. You are still alive--and that is what matters."

Krystal just nods--could be worse. She could have spend eighteen years possessing her brother, then in the body of his lover with a full memory and knowledge of that body's past.


Roy was in the bike shop. So were Ego, Logic and Id. Roy was not paying attention to them.

Ego wanted to ride a high octane tricycle with clown detailing and no brakes. Logic seemed to want something stylish, comfortable--but very mechanically precise. He seemed to be able to see issues with them, that would indicate ome insanely high form of super natural vision. Including one he did not like, because of a cigarette butt in the ash tray of one of shop owners' house five blocks away.  Id was mostly looking at the magazines on the racks for the imported bikes.

Roy saw it, in the corner. It was not well cared for. A little bit ratted up. Just a slight bit out of maintaince--but it had want he wanted.


Krystal just sat there--staring forward. Maybe... maybe if she just cleared her mind and did not think, those random muscle movements that made her chest injury flare up would stop.

Then everybody came out of the bicycle shop. Roy came over to where Krystal was sitting. There were two seats on that bike. Krystal squeaked a little bit--before wincing from the pain. She jumps onto the back--trying to make her pain not show, and wraps her arms around Roy, resting her head on his back.

Sepia shouts, "hey! Lets go!"

The End

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