Titans: Noon: Aspirations

They had come so quickly, Kiss had no idea what to do. It was so... unexpected. It was the last thing she needed.
"More tea, miss goddess?" A smiling man said, offering her a cup. She smiled, taking it gracefully.
"Thank you... peon. Yes, I will name you Peon. I will name you all Peon!" She said, waiving her arms dramatically. The crowd turned to face her, all of them rejoicing at her words. People as far as the eye could see. The cult of Kiss.
"Remind me again why you're all here, Peon?"
"Because we just knew we had to be. To worship your loveliness isn't a choice, you're born that way." The smiling man laughed a little, before returning to cleaning her shoes.
"Excellent." She did enjoy that story. "Now, I think it's time we moved onwards. I have plans to enact. Someone robe me, I have a trip to make!"


"The Cycling path. Excellent." Sepia smiled, picking up a piece of paper. "I'm glad we came back here. I would have missed this." He waved it around, the bold image on the front betraying its nature as an invitation. "Dr. Pewter, you are cordially invited to attend the launch of Jirachi 7 at Genthy Island. Details below." He smiled gleefully. "This is in a few days. Jirachi 7 is, of course, quite famous. I'm sure you've heard of it."
"Jirachi 7... It's the shuttle that the government leased from Towan, isn't it?" Max piped up. "I'm surprised they're still launching it after the claims they've made."
"It's an excuse to get officials there, I suppose." Roy said, in a moment of rare lucidity. "We need to go, to make sure they don't try and pin anything on Towan. So we get on board and..."
"No." Sepia was quite curt. "Trust me. We don't wanna be on board."
"Why?" Fuchsia asked, puzzled. "What happens?"
"I shouldn't say. Just trust me." Sepia snapped back to happy. "But! Cycling! I love a good cycle!"
"It's done." Said Darkitsu, bursting into the room. "I have the badge."
"Excellent." Sepia rubbed his hands together. "We may need those. Still, cycling! We can get a boat from Calar town, but we'll need to go down the cycling path to get there. Everyone hire a bike. It's gonna be F-U-N!" Sepia jumped like an excited child. The group simply stared.
"Fair enough..."


"So, you wish to help us..." Stephen Schwarz looked down his nose, his eyes just peering over his glasses like a man much older than he. "Excellent. Welcome to Rocket Logistics, mister Polaris. We look forward to working with you. This is Viridian Giovanni, he'll be your commanding officer. Be careful now, he's a tricky one. And an executive now, if my records are anything to go by..."

The End

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