Titans: Noon: Draw, Ya Varmint!

P crawled along the ground. His mask was breaking apart. They--they got abilities from the Pokemon Box? How--how could they not end up dead?

He has shoved them off a very tall building, locked them in a room with a very enraged Latios and Latias, had all of them, minus Krysyal at ground zero for a large explosion. Krystal he had leveled an entire building on. He sent them all to a separate dimension that contained their own personal nightmare. He sent them all to a prison that there should have been no escape from its faculties. They were even glitched up to be stuck in a virtual reality world.

Lady Void was the one that suggested he shoot them. Just stop toying with them. Just stop trying to make it look perfect. Stop making it look like an accident--or their own fault. She had that crumbled mass of a ridiculous puppet in her arms. No idea what she saw in that toy. She had plenty of other toys to play with.

Probably a weakness that P never considered. A desire for comfort. A desire for passion. That thing just happened to be the only living creature available. that living creature was also the most convenient one available. P considered the notion of only letting her near a broom--to allow for a less troublesome output for love.

The poison was wracking his mind. The idea that there may have been details he never considered was a ludicrous notion. Completely and totally outlandish rubbish. No--he was Perfection. Perfection that could not allow Team Temporal to exist. For Team Temporal was a spiteful little mockery of what was right. What was correct. What was truly Perfection.

He gets up--to his feet, as best he can. Mask crumbling from his face. It did not matter. He would complete his task. Right here and now. Points the gun directly at Krystal Spectrum crying out with a cough, "Just die already witch!", before gently squeezing the trigger.


Sepia ran his hands along various hydrofolds and components of the Jirachi-1. Not even turning he asks, "Stoenn, perhaps tell me more about this Kanto Incident."

Stoenn sighs and recalls, "well, there is not much to say--Krystal was working on a subpar experiment not up to her usual works. It involved mixing Ralt's Skill Swap, a Ghastly's Levitate and a Human recipient. There was a machine set up, to allow the human to be more receptive to the skill swap.

"However, there must have been something the matter with the wiring on the machine. As shortly after it fired up a large psychic disturbance happened. There must have been a missing fuse or something, as the whole matter drained and nearly destroyed the Kanto Power Plant.

"We found Krystal's lab in ruins--with her body somehow managed to get free from the fire collapsed in front of her lab. Naturally, being at ground zero of the Kanto Incident, she had no memory of the occurence.. Heck, people as far away as Saffron City were having issues. Particularly the Saffron City Gym was dealing with headaches and dizziness, and was closed for about a month. Fuschia Gym closed its doors for about the same length of time.

"Between ineffective wiring, and attempting some of her lesser work to date, it pretty much is well known what occured in the Kanto Incident."

Sepia just continues looking around the ship's technology, "well, that is a rather comforting change of pace. How long ago was this incident? I mean-how long has ths been in the Titan Co. labs?"

Stoenn said, "we are nearing the one year anniversary of the Kanto Incident."

Sepia picking up a removable wired control panel, "the guys in our lab must be pretty good. Figuring out how the cause of the Kanto Incident worked and operated. How far has production on this gone? I mean--how many people own one?"

"We could not, in good faith, put the skill swap modifier on the market--and we have not sold any of them due to such a stance." Stoenn said just looking at Sepia, who said the oddest things at times.

The End

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