Titans: Noon: Seeds.

"Rabata is alot bigger than I thought..." 
Polaris was lost. He was trapped in a sprawling city with no real destination to head for. He had made his choice, and now he was  exiled, walking the streets of an unfamiliar city because he chose to.

"You lost, kid?" Came a voice. It was, as so many were becoming, familiar. Polaris turned to face Cinnabar.
"Oh, it's... I have something to tell you." Polaris quickly blurted out. "It's Vermil. He's dead..."
"What?" Cinnabar's face fell, the shock of the news coming as a bigger surprise than Polaris had guessed.
"Yeah... He died saving our lives, though. He's a hero." Polaris moved over to Cin, to comfort him. Cinnabar sat down on a box that creaked an echoey creak throughout the dingy alleyway they had found themselves in.
"I... See, this is the problem." Cinnabar punched the wall violently. Polaris said nothing. "This is why I do what I do."
"What... I mean, you're a musician aren't you?"
"Don't be stupid." Cinnabar spat at the ground. "I haven't enjoyed music for years.  I only play now as a cover..."
"A cover for what?"
"I work for the Government. I... I was actually supposed to infiltrate you guys. But, seeing Vermil... I just couldn't lie to him. That's why I left you all."
"... You planned to betray us."
Cin grabbed Polaris tightly, his hands clutching the other's arms. "No, not betray. I wanted to help... I've seen the future... And you're all going to cause it. It isn't pretty, so please... Please don't judge me. I really am trying to help."
Polaris turned away, pensively. He thought for a moment, mulling it over.
"I've seen it too. Daebi showed us it once." He sighed deeply. "Do we really cause it?"
"If I helped you, would it stop it?"
"... Yes."
Polaris stood up, still thinking. Still pensive.
"Okay." He turned to Cinnabar. "I want to help you all."
"Okay." Cinnabar stood up and shook Polaris' hand. "Together, we can stop more deaths. Together, we can honor Vermil's memory."

The End

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