Titans: Noon: Girl in a Sun Dress

Stoenn just straightened up. Max and Fujitsu were going all out in a fist fight. Whatever had gone on had completely stressed out Fujitsu just as much as Krystal. He looked over at Roy. Looking for any sign that he may have snapped.

Roy just looks at the air, "I would love it if you stopped explaining the hows and whys of 'Snapped shipping'. It is a little disrespectful... ... well, considering you are in my head, and talking about Krystal meeting up with Fujitsu... well, yes I am jealous" he lifts up a band on his left hand, "yes, I am aware that this will not happen for about a year and a half... yes, I know that that is only one possible future... Ego, Logic, just drop it. Neither of you will convince me here."

Stoenn turns back to the carnage, "well, I do not think Roy will be a worry."


Roy slumps down. Spark coming from his ball to try to comfort Roy.

Krystal stands between Fujitsu and Roy, looking back and forth, "Roy I love you!".. she tilts her head not having that come out right, "Fujitsu! Please--it is okay! Just stop! Please! Do not close your heart! Nightmares exist to see your mettle!"

Fujitsu just screams at Krystal, "you! YOU! SPECTRUM WOMAN! If it was not for you,Fujitsu would be--"

Max had grabbed Fujitsu's arm and slammed him into the ship wall, having the wall dent, and the ship shake. A small storage cabinet above Fujitsu pops open, and a present pops out. Addressed "To Uncle Kamogutchi, From Little Lucy"


Fujirai looks at the gift. Letting out a "Little? Lucy? Uncle?"

Knowing it would bother him more not to open this. Gift, pulls out a letter and a picture of a young red headed girl, very lose to Fujitsu's age in the picture, in a cute sun dress... levitating.

Dear Uncle Kamogutchi

I feel a little bit silly writing this. I just have to have a copy of this on me at all time. I have written a few other letters, but they have also gone missing. In my journey to the Sinnoh Region, it feels weird to not have one of these on me. I do not think you will ever see it.If you did I would be so embarassed.

You were always so kind to me growing up. Protecting me when I got into trouble. Mom and Dad tend to be very protective of me. However, of all the other staff at Spectrum Labs, you have generally been the kindest to me.

You merely say something weird about being in my debt. I do not get it.

I care this letter, scared to give it to you--to say I am in debt to you. You were one of the best role models in my life. When I started to get to that age when girls start to get silly romantic thoughts.

You were my first puppy love.

I just carry around this letter to help me remember this. You are about a decade my elder, so I do not think we will ever be together. You also have a few of the other female members of the lab very interested in you--that would be better.

However, you are probably just as much family to me as Mommy and Daddy.


Lucille MacKealan

Fujitsu put down the letter. He just sat there. In the box was a gift. It contained a Pokeball.

He felt really bad. He was going all over Krystal. The first person to show interest in him. When she was taken by somebody else--he freaked out a bit. Then all that other stuff happened. He stopped thinking that perhaps, perhaps he may mean something in the future.

Fujitsu just sits there a bit. Thinking a bit. Sorting out his thoughts.

The End

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