Titans: Noon: Heated Outburst

Darkitsu had been mainly keeping to the sidelines the entire scene. He still wasn't quite over what had happened with Fujitsu, but he had calmed down enough when Max had come to free him from his imprisonment, the safe cell from a rather secure part of the vehicle. Both were rather wary of each other, from each personality and what had happened at the very end of the rooftop scene.

He had looked at the scene below him. So many of the Krystal Look-alikes; all dead in one fell swoop. Krystal had just regained her true consciousness, and was coping a bit better than what he'd expect. Everybody was at a temporary ease for the moment, and Stoenn was going to get a ship for them to travel in. Air, water, magma, it didn't quite matter what they were going by. Just anywhere but here was fine.

However, Darkitsu could only think of all the negative things that were going on. Fujitsu's mental suicide. He clenched his fists. His sister Aspect giving her life in an attempt to free Team Temporal so that they could fight against Rocket. Dark gritted his teeth. All these dead, false Krystals plopped down on the ground, lifeless and ready for the scavengers. The Aspect shut his eyes. He was becoming weak, he knew that. The shock from what Fujitsu had done, what was done to him to make it happen, was all weighing down on him. He wished that that little kid hadn't chosen that day to sprint all the way to the Resort so that his pokemon could have a good break, pokemon who had been shut inside their pokeballs for far too long. Even Vermil's death had taken its toll on him

Then, all of a sudden, he couldn't take it anymore.

Dakitsu screamed with the rage of a thousand Gyaradosi and the pain that radiated from his brethren. He clutched his head and clamped his eyes shut, hoping to just wake up like it had just been a dream with his sanity back in place. Had all of this really affected this much, too? He found that he no longer cared.

"Fujitsu!" came a voice from behind him. Dark turned around, popping his eyes open, had them refocus, and saw behind him, not Roy nor Krystal, but Max. Darkitsu twitched. Was he actually pretending to care? Him, the ex-gang leader? What was in it for him, calming him down like this?

The deranged Aspect raised his balled-up hand, shooting a nasty grin across his face quietly beginning, "What's this act for, tough guy?" He took one giant step towards, cocking back his fist. "TRYING TO SAY YOU GIVE A DAMN!?" There wasn't much spacing between the two replies, nor the punch that came after that.

This actually took Max off guard and he took the blow head-on. SMAAAAAAASH!!! If it were a video game, Max would have taken a "Critical Hit". He staggered back a bit, his hand coming up to his left breast. He could already feel the bruise sliding in.

As Dark came in with a second punch, Max quickly regained his composure. As the arm extended out before him, Max grabbed it with both hands and went to fling the Aspect past him like a pillow. However so, Darkitsu saw it coming, and let himself get over his opponent's head, before grabbing the same arm that was tossing him as it let go, landed, then swiftly returned the favor.

Everybody was just watching (the exception being Wehc, who was also writing down what was progressing, surprise surprise) the fist fight, not sure what to do as they exchanged hard blows with each other. Nobody knew what caused the sudden outburst in the first place, and nobody knew how to stop it without getting in there themselves.

The End

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