Titans: Noon: Nomadic

The red headed cloaked ragged figure blinks and shakes her head a bit as she just got a huge psychic trauma flash over her, "After shock?"

"No clue--but we are getting close to where we need to be. Can we start calling us by our names?"

A smaller similarly clothed red haired figure was sitting on the figure's shoulder.

The figures both looked about nineteen years old. Not entirely well nourished. Ragged. Like the last year was not easy on them.

"No--no--no. Now is not the time."

"You and your damn paradoxes."

"Damned Paradoxes indeed. I did learn that it was not my fault."

"Yeah, but being by ground zero by chance did influence that."

The red headed cloaked ragged figure leans up against her staff, almost ready to collapse. "Right, we should uh, get food first."

"Dolphin free tuna is no longer a priority."

"Yeah--it has not been since about eight months ago."


Krystal, trying  to get out of the ice as best as possible. Ignoring the crawling collapsed P who was grabbing his face. "I suppose this makes sense."

Wehc, tapping his notepad to cue Krystal, Krystal continues "you will note that there were two things hit here. One, the box' function to repair stat experience. Second, there were patches to the system."

Krystal whirls up an iclinesructure, "looks like Lady Kiss Void had Q Patch in there."

Wehc looks odd, "wait?That exploit to the Pokemon box system to recognise boundaries in who the pokemon are."

Wehc starts scribbling back and forth on his pad, "that will be hard to release. The only thing that would release that are various phreaker zines. I will need to figure out how to word this."


Sepia was wandering around the Jirachi-1. Running his hands on various of the parts, "you put a lot of money into research?"

Stoenn just head titls, "this was a surprise Krystal made."

Sepai turns looking at Stoenn very oddly, "this? Krystal? This? Krystal Built this?"

Stoenn hands in pockets confidently, "not this one. However, she was working on a prototype before the Kanto Incident. We found parts in the lab wreckage. We took them to the lab. As Krystal was a little out of action for a bit."

"Does Krystal often make large scale research projects, without telling you?"

"She caused a major explosion in her lab, that took out power in all of Kanto and most of Johto. On a project that I could not approve, as it was not on anywhere near the same quality as her other work."

Sepia blinks just turns, like it is a matter of fact, "okay--that explains it."

Stoenn just nods, "yeah--she is a handful."

"Which one?", Sepia turns, not cetain what Stoenn was talking about.



Lady Kiss just knelt. Trembling and shaking. Sweat beading on her brow. "The dead cannot walk. No matter how much I desire it."

The End

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