Titans: Noon: Otherworldly.

Jirachi 1 is now landing. All passengers please remain calm while landing operation is underway.
"We're back here..." Sepia stared out the window at the city in the distance. "Mt Fel, the largest mountain in the Cyren Region, separating Rabata from Fel City, the seat of empire. But our destination, kiddies, is Rabata. I've called in some help."
A laugh arose as the room filled with leaves, the image of Daebi quickly entering view.
"She's agreed to take us back. There's an old legend about Rabata, about it being a city haunted by those better left alone..." Sepia walked over to Daebi, who was clearly on edge.
"There's something wrong with the timelines. I suspect this imposter Spectrum may have something to do with it." Daebi was indignant. "Nobody denies me sight of anything, especially not time. I hope you all smother her with the corpse of her own..."
"That's quite enough." Sepia waved her down, before motioning towards the exit. "We have to be quick. Daebi won't be able to sustain it long. We need to figure out just why Kiss chose here to launch her plan."
"You really think its something about Rabata?" Max said, an unsteadiness in his eyes. "Surely Hari was the thing she used the most?"
"We can't say." Sepia scratched his chin, not entirely sure of his own next move. "I want to believe it was something about Rabata. She could have done it at any time, but she chose now. Why? Why now when there's so much to lose? There has to be something about it..."
"Fair enough, but aren't we flying a little blind?" Polaris piped up. "Or is there something I've missed?"
"Hari, during his incapacitation, was having nightmares." Sepia said, bluntly. "About a lone tree in a field. I don't know much about Rabata, but I do know it was all grazing land before the city was built. On top of that, we've got the added bonus that Fuschia was able to chip in a local rumor about hauntings."
"It isn't much, but its something. There's an old Rabata myth about something called 'Gengar's tree'. I think it's probably more than coincidence."
"So, looks like everyone's got a part to play but me. Again." Polaris leaned against the wall, looking disappointed. "Even Fuschia has cultural knowledge."
"It's not like that, Polaris. And you know it." Sepia said, bluntly.
"Look, its been fun guys. Well, not really, but that's not the point." Polaris walked towards the exit, its metal gangway looking precarious as ever. "I'm leaving. I can't handle this any more."
"Where will you go?" Sepia said, a snappy tone in his voice. "We're fugit-"
"We're not. Pardoned, remember?" Polaris smiled. "I'm going to just blend in. I'll be like art, unnoticeable. OK?"
"Well, I can't make you stay." Sepia was not impressed at all. He shook his head and turned away. "There's no coming back."
"I don't intend to."

And with a few steps, Polaris was gone from view.


Schwarz was pacing around his office. Things were not going as planned.
"A-a-all of them?" Stuttered the monitor in his office.
"Yep. We're going to have to go on a recruitment drive."
"Schwarz, you have enough men to keep it going. Surely there must be someone you could elevate to fill Oak's shoes?"
"There's Viridian Giovanni. I'm not sure I trust him though. He's young, and his psych evaluations show more than a minor tendency towards megalomania."
"Then don't let him rule the world."
"Very funny, Weiss. Very funny. Oh well, it doesn't really matter. I have my eyes set on someone else altogether, and I think you'll like it. Oh, and don't forget about the launch..."


Kiss began to descend from her seat, high above Mt Fel. Each step thudded in the open air.
"It can't be."
A figure in the distance, beckoning.
And with that, it was gone.
For the first time, Kiss fell to her feet, shaking. Was the power too much? Was it the inaction? Whatever the case, it shouldn't have been. There was no logical reason.
The dead do not walk.


Krystal was the first to reappear. She was panting furiously, as were the others that were slowly reappearing.
"What happened?" Spluttered Max, the words not wanting to come.
"I don't know." Sepia pulled himself up, struggling to get on two legs. "Did we all see the same thing?"
"It was all black, and then..." Max coughed some more. "I saw things... dead people mostly... from my past. What about everyone else?"
"Same here." Roy said, finally regaining his composure. "I saw flashes of the dead - mostly from all of this... People from Terrut... Vermil... It was..."
"What about you?" Sepia said, turning to Wehc.
"I... uh, I mean...."
"No, wait." Sepia said, pausing. "We're missing the obvious..." Sepia started pacing, his land-legs coming back quickly. "People, the dead, seeing them... Everything's alive? No, psychic trauma, wait... That must mean..." He snapped his fingers excitedly. "Of course! Its... no, wait..."

"Let me see if I can work it out..." A voice came. It was familiar and deep, causing everyone to turn immediately.
"P..." Sepia growled. "I was wondering when you'd show. What's Rocket want now?"
"Nothing at all, my good man." P said, a smile on his face. "I quit. So did a few others. Its a shame, now they'll be understaffed at Calar town. Now it really is just my score to settle. And I refuse to let you all beat me. So you all die here today." P dropped a Pokeball, from which sprang a large, Ice-based giant.
"Regice... Really, P? You're going to kill us with a pokemon?" Sepia smirked, arrogance showing through his expression in full force.
"No, no." P snapped his fingers, causing the titan to freeze the ground. Everyone, Krystal included, found themselves trapped, struggling furiously. "I don't know what you all saw before, because I don't really care. And you're not going to care soon either." From under his jacket, P produced a pistol. Sepia's eyes narrowed as he realised just what P was really about to do. "But I know I am going to kill every last one of you horrible things. Because I can. That's what I do. Everything is a puzzle... and I will solve it."
"P, don't!" Sepia said, shouting. In his fear, he found himself holding the Metal Claw from the Box world. "What...?"
"Sepia, what did you just do?" Darkitsu shouted out to him. "Isn't that...?"
"It's the tables, and they're turning..." Sepia said, smiling. He hurled the unwieldy blade at the Titan, staggering it long enough to break its hold.
Fuschia snapped her fingers, causing P to buckle over in pain. "That's a venom that's running through your system now. And you know what? You'll have to go and find the antidote yourself, because we sure aren't helping you."
Fuschia walked onwards, away from Mt Fel and P. Sepia and the others quickly followed, even if Hari did feel compelled to look back, out of compassion.
"Looks like Calar town is our next destination. Its to the east, through Rabata Field and across the bike path."
P groaned in the distance, slowly fading away.
"I guess the Box world was more permanent than we thought."
"Lets just hope we don't have to use it..."

The End

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