Titans: Dawn: Of a Very Good Day

Roy resting in the cargo hold, on the Jirachi 1. He sighs. He still has those comfortable arguments between his antibodies. He kind of missed them. He looks over at Ego and Logic coming at odds with each other. They both had a sense of humour. Just they seemed to work against each other.

Roy never realised how comforting these bickering matches are. Id on Roy's shoulder eating some kimchi ramen comments, "Better than Tv, right?"

Roy nods at Id's comment, "yeah, these two could give some pointers to pro wrestling."

Krystal spinning and dancing around the cargo bay. Leaves spinning around her adding some effect to this dance. She appears to be relaxed. Not fully there--but well, at least she is relaxed.

They had been walking out of the S3 Building when it happened. Luchu had given Roy Waffles back. Constance had been carrying him. Roy just looked at Waffles pokeball for a bit. Reality--seemed so forced. Like it was a veil that could just be pulled apart.

"Ghastly! Ghastly!"

"Nappa has escaped from Krystal's Pokeball!", Ego yelled out.

"Nappa? Thought its name was--"

"Just try to keep up here, the big boys are playing" Logic said, and knelt down to look at the coming oddity.

Lumpy--er... Nappa the Ghastly had popped out of his ball, and was sliding around all of the bodies. Confused, irritated, trying to come to terms with this. Poking bodies.

Roy endes that memory there--not liking to go further. Just noting that Krystal now has a Haunter with her now. Ego and Logic were starting to look over to Roy. Ego turns over to Logic, "do you know how much you are ruining my attempts to have him out crazy everybody?"

Logic just looking at Roy worried says, "well, we have seen the full Spectrum of crazy."

Logic removes another of his perpetual sunglasses.

Krystal had danced over to Roy and then suddenly lands into Roy's lap. Krystal runs her hand along Roy's cheek--it was quite the feeling. She moves in close. Roy moves in close. Krystal's eyes close and--


Roy looks at the passed out woman in his arms. Id pats Roy, "look, let us get Krystal to her bed."


Leader had been called into P's office. The other administrators were on leave. P however had stayed. P's usual ice like mask of a constant perfect expression was tattered. Cracks ran up and down the mask. Somewhat worn. Leader gasps. P had several firearms taken apart on his table. Parts mixed in together.

These over top a set of physics diagrams and arithmetic on various issues on wind drag due to imperfections on the shell, as to cause issues with the accuracy. This diagram was done fully in a mechanical blue drafting pencil.

Mixed in together is not the best way to say it. they were still nicely laid out. Just they were not grouped as different arms. P starts running through drills, putting them all together as fast as he can--producing several different types of firearms. P looks at a few of them. Slams his fist down on the table, and takes them all apart again.

P notices that Leader had entered, "ah, there you are. I have an ammunition bin, that needs disposal."

Leader picks it up. Backing out of the room. He takes the bin to the disposal room--when a single shell fell out. Leader picks it up. Looks at--


The slug had Krystal's name on it. Well, part of it. There was a mistake on the "a" and then it ended. Leader then goes through the rest of the ammunition. Each had a member of Team Temporal's name on it. Just ended after a single error on the name.

Except for some of the ones for Krystal. Seems Krystal Spectrum was on most of these shells for disposal. Some even having multiple errors in trying to engrave Krystal Spectrum's name.

Leader shivers, and changes directions. to the evidence storage closet.

The End

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