Titans: Dawn: Breaks

Freddie had gotten several confusing and frustrating explanations on Krystal Spectrum's apparent state. Somehow, Krystal was still wandering around with Team Temporal while she was commanding the Krazy Krystal Klones.

Some suggesting that she had also disappeared during the time the rest of Team Temporal seemed to disappear. It was only a day, yes--but Krystal was still in charge at Rocket Logistics. Heck, Krystal had made these, now very dead, clones during the time Team Temporal had disappeared for that day.

Freddie admits it is odd that he could not put anything in his profile for a full day on any of these guys.

It did not add up--he needed answers. He was not on his way to the building that the fight was on. It appeared to be over. He was about to walk into the door when it slams open. Krystal was draped over Stoenn and Max's shoulders. Stoenn just said, "it is okay--you will get some rest now."

Krystal just stutters and whines out, "The tree needs us in Calar Town. Wishes should come true."

Stoenn just hushes her, "it is okay sis', you just need to relax. You had a little bad break back there. It is okay."

"The time will go a year ago! I am going to have been in trouble! Wandering the world for a year! I want to go to Calar Town!"

Freddie just steps aside. As Team Temporal... just took down their own leader? Something was not right here.


Luchu felt relaxed for once. It was good to be with people she cared about. Though--it was a little bad what conditions they were in. Luchu looked over the Pokeballs she had on here. An Espeon in one, a Delcatty in another and--her hand went over to the third one. Horror gripped her mind.

She ran over to Daddy and hands him the Espeon and the--other one. She stutters out, "uh--I should not have these..."

Waffles the Slowking pops out of one, saying, "damn right you shouldn't. Just what I'd expect from a Woman who does not know any better."

The other Pokeball opens to have the Espion pop out--running to Krystal's side, trying to offer comfort.

Roy looks over to the right, "right, Ego and Logic, quit arguing over whether me and Krystal having four Pokemon in our roster works. I am fairly certain the universe will work this out somehow."

Lucille thinks for a bit. Looking at the Delcatty--debating if she should give it to Uncle Komogutchi. She blushes and hold the Delcatty to her chest, thinking a bit. Remembering her first crush for a bit.

She waves, "see you! I am off!"

Then she starts dashing as fast as she can--jumping back and forth between spots to hit--then! TEARING! The universe started going all weird and mish mashed. Her in a rather random set of spots put together.

"Haha! Now, off to Mom's Honeymoon! Since Celetwo will not send me there."

The End

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