Titans: Dawn: Rise and Shine Campers

Freddie was walking from Rocket Logistics HQ. The location of the Daemon Army was on route to his new gym. He had the small metal fox thing in his pokeball. It was a small cat like creature, with claws and made completely out of metal.

It did not need to be wandering about.

He got close to the Rabbata City. Something was not right. The streets did not indicate anything other than a Ghost Town.

Freddie ducks behind a corner. Pulling out a pokeball containing a Scizor. Releasing a red light that formed into Scizor. Freddie points at his eyes. Then outside, then walks around.

The Scizor runs out dashes around a few alleys. Then within a few minutes, motioning to follow him. To... oh.. wow.. this was horrible.

Freddie was at the start of a sea of corpses. Red headed, slightly freckled corpses. In Daemon Army uniforms. Without thinking he starts running his First Aid Drills.

First checking his canary light. It was a small device he kept on his wrist cuff. The colour of it indicated no hazardous chemicals in the air. Next, he looked around for any immediate threat should he help.

He noticed it. Team Temporal on the roof. Max and Fujitsu were in a fist fight with Krystal Spectrum. There was some new girl there too. One he did not recognise. Something was wrong. "ZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!"

That... scream... was odd. Freddie turns to see it was affecting his Scizor. "Return Scizor!"

He returned it. It--it just glared at him. This was a Pokemon that he has had for a while. Started training even before he because a Steel Gym Leader. It seemed odd.

Freddie starts moving in to give CPR, before realising: he cannot do this. He pulls down the sleeve of his jacket. Large cuts and gashes were open on his left shoulder. Well--this could be hidden. His face was harder.

Freddie pulls out his P*DA and hits cell. Then hits "Need Medical Help".

He sits there and waits. Not certain if they were all dead. He would need to wait here until Medical Help showed up.

He pulls out his binoculars. They were an old lens based one. He had them with him awhile. They were banged up. Worn, torn--but familiar to his hands. He had been offered a newer electronic version. He did not like the feeling. They did not have that familiar value in his hands.

A hand taps on his shoulder, a man in nondescript clothing is behind him. It was a standard business suit. Standard clubbed tie. Nondescript wrist watch. Nondescript briefcase. Hair was cut in a crew cut of sorts. Yellow tinted sun glasses.

He turns to get a better look. There are several of them. It was Team Network. "Come join us. We can get you up to full speed."

"But--the Daemon Army."

"They are dead."

"By the way, your urban camo is really creepy when there are so many of you here."


Stoenn had ran up the stairs of the building. Daemon Army members dropping left and right. Team Network scattered. He had no idea where they were. They had some strange ability to disappear in broad daylight.

You'd think that their outfit would make them stand out.

Stoenn cursed himself. He realised how much freedom those outfits gave them. They could wander around his top offices without anybody questioning them. What could they have grabbed for files and important data, just by wandering around like that?

They were not even faces in the crowd dressed like that.

Mind you there was not much for crowds here-not now. They scattered during the genocide that Lady Kiss Void pulled.

He had ran into the building, and just scampered up the stairs. He pushed open the door. That--was not Krystal. It could not be. Her eyes--they were not there.

A small Pichu Aspect was digging in a bag and pulled out a small flute. In a voice that sounded a lot like Krystal's she yelled, "okay--just about ready to call for Celebi."


Roy, Krystal and Constance scampered through the school. Rooms and even bits of the hallway disappearing around them. The other students and teachers had more or less disappeared. Some where here in only vague parts. Bits of an arm or leg missing. Some without their heads. And yet, they were till wandering around.

Still making class. Krystal exclaimed, "dammit! What is this going to do to my class mark?! I am going to flunk out on being a proper person!"

Constance slammed open a door to enter into a class, currently in session. The teacher was a faceless Jiroid. Who starts "yelling" at them, for disrupting their class. Constance dashes with Krystal and Roy to the door. Yet another Earthquake happens. Most of the class room is gone.

Krystal barely makes it to ledge. Roy falls over. Constance grabs his wrist. Krystal grunts as she pulls him up, "you are going to spend less time hanging by the Home Ec Room."

Roy trying to climb back up, "yes--if there is a Home Ec Room."

Heave! They tumble over. Krystal looks up. The class was still in session. The other students were just heads in some cases. Shoulders, necks with bits of torsos in others. Some where just swiss cheese--with so many holes in them. They just kept doing their lessons.

"Come on Krys!", Roy said as he grabbed Krystal's shoulder.

They dashed out into the hall, around the corner, to-a locked heart for an office.

"You know--having the office shaped like an anatomically correct heart may just be lacking a bit in taste." Roy commented at the sight.

Constance was fidgeting in her uniform. "I cannot find the key."

Roy pulls out a lock picking kit. Putting a few bits between his teeth, behind his ears and in between his fingers.

He moves around making knocking noises. As if looking for something. Then starts to put various equipment onto the door, obviously preparing for an intricate lock picking job.

Pulls out some red chalk, and draws an X on the door. Knocks on the x. Around the X. As if to confirm it was the right spot. Double checks the various other lock picking setups he has put all over the door.

Krystal scared another earthquake hits yells, "Roy! Hurry!"

Roy--his hair a mess. His uniform a little bit unfurrelled. puts his finger to his lips--as if to be quiet.

Steps back, and pulls out a creme pie, with red wires coming from it, "it is a shame that the home economics class is no longer there. They were so much better at presentation than me."

Krystal shouts out, "bomb pies?! Now?! Of all times! Roy now is not the time to be thinking of your stomach!"

"Oh, no--this is not for my stomach. See--this pie gives me a nasty bit of heart trouble. Though it wins over my stomach. Which wins my heart. Lets see if it does the same ofr you, shall we?"

Roy tosses the pie--completely missing the Red X... but still opening the door none the less.

Krystal and Constance run in. Krystal waves him in, to which he answers, "no, no--the view is much better out here. I kind of like it. A form of romantic inner coma mindscape slowly coming to a wake up. Hopefully your head will not hurt to much as you wake up. I know mind just absolutely kills me when I come out of this state. Well, no--not me.. but plenty of others."

Krystal yells, "what!?", only to have a faceless Daebi turn her around and point at the intercom.

A song comes out over it. A soothing song. All her memories were returning. The good ones in full colour. Her times with her older brother. Her friends in school. She had such a beautiful childhood that she had pretty much forgotten.

She woke up.

The End

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