Titans: Dawn: Blades

Weiss was going through various reports handed to him by Admin Mercury. The security Admin for Rocket Logistics did a surprisingly competent job. He managed to get complete psychological profiles on Fujitsu, Krystal and Roy. A complete crime dossier on Max. Including why Max retired. A rather complete art portfolio on Polaris. The medical and school records on Hari.

Heck, that reporter running around with them had some odd skeletons in his closet.

However, none of it added up. "None of them are criminals sir. Yes, they do have criminal traits--but none of them are capable of being willing to become the Team Temporal we know."

Weiss putting the report back together in proper order. Filing it to the side, "yes--once people start to get together, our story will not seem credible at all. I need a new angle on this. Especially with that one danger working against my wishes."

Admin Mercury asked, "who?"

Weiss turned to change the subject, "I have put in a good word for you at the league. There have been two gyms recently cleared. You have been approved to be the leader in waiting for Getan City's Gym. Until the league can hold proper deliberations on who should lead it."

Admin Mercury stepped back--confused of course. Weiss continued, "it would be good. As rather than have people of your stigma be some fictional creatures on the god box, you are a real person. A person who through adversary has perservered. I will not tell them--nor will anybody else. No, yours will be revealed postmortem after you have shown your strength to hold strong"

Weiss grabs an odd ball on his table. Handing it open for Fred, causing a red light to jump out, forming into a metallic fox like creature. He scratched his ear, making a scraping noise. Then gets up and looks around.

Fred looks down, "is that?"

Weiss recalls it to his ball and hands it to Fred, "I found it recently. The boys in the lab are calling it Orreon. It will be a nice center piece for Cyren's Steel Type Gym."

Fred looks around, "I--I do not know what to say."

Weiss just picked up the reports, looking through them some more, "just thanks for this rather complete psychological profile on Team Temporal. Oh--and be a strong role model for people. You are the man of steel. Nobody will be able to question that."

Fred was almost ou the door when Weiss continued, "also, see if you cannot hook up with the Krystal Klones. They should be in Calar Town. They should be able to update you on the situation."

The End

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