Titans: Dawn: Wake up Call

Roy was trying to put together how it came to this. The girl he met--had a scrap book of two years of their lives. How they met. Their first date--and what not. He flipped through it. And now, she was trying to kill everybody. Max leaps up--another round of punches to Krystal. She did not seem to register it. Merely screaming "ZZZZZZAAAAAAZZZZZZZ!!!!"

"Krystal used Shadow Rush! Looks like--" Roy looked over, not expecting a new person to give a voice over, the small figure removes his sunglasses--another pair underneath, "it was super effective. Krystal takes recoil damage."

The figure wore a well kept suit. Hair was slicked back--in a rather well kept manner. He appeared to have a gun holster on him. Held himself like--a bad actor. He kneels down, sunglasses in hands. Roy asks, "are you some police officer that died in Reno?"

Id sipping his bowl of noodles, "I, one day, need to hear that story."

The officer gets up--settling his jacket up, "I--", turns to do a little pose, "am your logic."

Roy looks over out at Krystal, "welcome to the team. I will need any help to get out of here, and receive the psychological help I--" Roy does everything he can to not look at his two "antibodies", and just stutters, "--I evidently really need."

Logic looks over to the chaos. Max wailing fists onto the completely snapped Krystal. Fujirai trying to hold Krystal still. Just floating forward, "Just remember--Kanto's Health Care System only really applies to Pokemon."

Logic removes another of his perpetual sunglasses, and just flings them aside. Oddly enough, Polaris did not even look this way. He was too busy watching the mess with Shadow Krystal


Krystal was in study hall. She--she was flunking out. Badly. Some of the stuff she needed to pass. She needed to be a proper person, she was bombing out on. Well--no. She was bombing out on all her "being proper people courses."

She looked at the marks board. All of their student ids were used. Rather than her names. Her mark was--well in a bell curve she would have gotten a fictional mark of negative five. She was up by the marks her fingers along them finding them. Floating in the air.

When some hands covered her eyes, "Guess who!"

"Steam Punk Lincoln?"

"You insult me!"

Krystal turned--it was Roy. He had green hair and clown face paint...and was in full uniform, "Even better! IT'S ROY!" she exclaimed and glomped onto him.

"In the flesh!"

Krystal looks at the well kept--if not slightly frilled up uniform, "right--this is not a ploy to sneak in here again is it? You know, I was sent away here for a good reason.", Krystal points at her student id on the list of marks.

Roy looks over, "no--no... this was a clerical error."

A voice from behind them states, "well--if the next clerical error has you two behind the bleachers, I am going to be very disappointed."

Both heads turns, Krystal lets out, "Mrs. Mackealan!" and Roy lets out, "Sis!"

Krystal looks over at Roy--with Roy asking, "Mrs MacKealan? I was never really certain she was marrired."

Mrs. MacKealan just floats there, frowning, "yes--it says that on all my stationary. I figured it was not worth any more questions than the rest of this."

Krystal smiles, "see! It just makes sense!"

Mrs. MacKealan just frowns, "no--it does not. None of it does. Krystal, do you have a copy of the school map?"

Krystal pulls out her school agenda book, "yes!", and flips to it.

Mrs. MacKealan looks over it, "does any of it not look strange."

"No--it is a perfect ordinary agenda. The map is in full order."

"Then--where did the Home Economics class go?"

Krystal does a double take, "crap! That was one of the classes that I wasn't failing!"

Roy looks over at Krystal, "you can still make Apple Cobbler though? I mean--not that I would hang around there just to get free food or anything."

Mrs. MacKealan pointed at the map, "we should get to the head office. They may know what to do about the fact that the school grounds are disappearing."


Luchu was scared. I mean--yes, there was a fairly sizable body count on the ground below. None of them were actually people to her. Just statistics. She could not make them appear real. The most real person out of all those faces in the bodies just piled up on the streets was the only one to survive the Daemon Army's Massacre.

It was her mom. Well-not yet. Her mom who had gone full on Shadow to well--it was XD levels here. In the process--there was nothing but rage controlling her.

She never winced this much for a long time. I mean--her life, as well as that of Lucille MacKealan had a lot of moments that would make most people wince. They just kind of lose meaning and value after a while. This--this she could not depreciate that much.

She runs forward and leaps onto Shadow Krystal and screams out, "PAIN SPLIT!"


It was an earthquake! Krystal pulls out her agenda and flips to the map, "most of the school is gone! The dormatories! The Gym!"

Ego looks over at Krystal's agenda, "AND THE CAFETERIA! Dammit--I know fries are free game... but that does not justify THIS!"

Krystal looks over, "you know--you have one of these too."

Ego pulls it out of his backpack, it had ketchup stains, and all kinds of other stuff on it. Stuff that Krystal knew never to question about. "Right--we can use mine. Also--I will be writing your homework assignments down in mine too."

Ego looks confused, "homework?"

Mrs. MacKealan float forward in front of them, grabbing their hands, "if we do not get into the head office, there will be no homework."

Ego--just flying dragging behind her, "convincing arguments Consty. Perhaps you should look into them."

The End

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