Titans: Dawn: Rising.

"What's the matter?" Oak was leaning against the wall, his back to it and his head leaning on it. His face looked older, slightly beaten. Like many, he was having doubts. Schwarz's plan was going places no one really wanted, and it was beginning to scare him. They'd created a monster, they were planning a war, and they've done all they can inbetween to make things as bad as possible for both cases. 
"I've been thinking about Snowpoint." 
"Where you found Regigigas?"
Oak looked down at P. He was normally the frontline of Rocket's assault, but things were becoming too much for him. 
"You were under orders."
"I killed seventeen people."
"They deserved it."
P looked up at Oak. Oak knew P could read him, he knew P could tell he didn't mean it. He could never mean it.
Could he? That was what scared him. That was what scared him most.
"Yeah, of course."
"Hey, we'll be touching down soon." Stoenn's face appeared on the intercom. Although it was grainy, Sepia was impressed. He guessed the head of a multinational could invest quite a bit of money in future tech. He smirked and turned back to his book. 
"Good to know. Hey, Stoenn, I have a question..." Sepia looked up at the intercom, only to freeze. 
It couldn't be, could it?
"Sepia? Hello? Is something wrong?"
"No, nothing." Sepia shrugged it off. "I just thought I saw something. Anyway, you were saying?"
"Sir, I just think that we should be excused to resume our operations at our base. The Rocket executives are being wasted doing grunt work."
"No." Schwarz was indignant. He needed all the manpower he could muster to make sure things went smoothly, and he was not about to be told what to do by Samuel Oak, a mere Rocket. 
"Sir, we're tired. We need a break. You've achieved most of what you need, let us take a moment to recover."
"You doubt our motives?"
"Now, at the culmination of everything, you choose to back out? Are you kidding? Did you think I wouldn't notice?" Stephen Schwarz rose from his chair and walked over to Oak, facing him directly, anger in his face. "You are free to walk out that door, Oak. But do not think for a moment that I will let you rest in peace."
"Schwarz, I don't care for you. I never have." Oak walked over to Schwarz's desk and lifted  up a small statuette - this one of a Magikarp. "I am Samuel goddamn Oak, and I will NOT put up with your PETTY GODDAMN WARMONGERING!" He threw the Statuette full force at Schwarz, who caught it with expert precision. Oak, temporarily stunned, let his jaw fall open.
"Oh, come now, did you think anything here was simple? Give me one good reason why I should let you all leave our organisation, knowing everything that you do."
"Because we can't go on. You spent all this time telling us about how Team Temporal were the enemy, how evil they were, how they sought to destroy everything... How is this any different? How are we any different to them? If we carry on this route, we'd better change our name... Because we won't be Rocket Logistics... We'll be goddamn Team Rocket and we'll be just as reviled. Can't you SEE THAT?!" Oak's voice cracked with the emotion, and Schwarz laughed.
"Fine, go back to your castle. Go back to your trinkets and baubles but know this... We will come to call for what is ours.  You can choose then what side you sit on. If you don't agree, well... I don't think I have to explain what will happen."
Schwarz continued to smirk as Oak stormed out of his office.
"Hey, P, good news." Elm waved a memo in front of Perfection, who swatted it away. "Wow, someone's moody today, hm? Well, anyway, Oak got us leave. We're free to go back to our day jobs... But I doubt it'll be a free ride. Isn't that... Hey?" P had already stood up and made for the exit. "So, you're not coming then?" 
P stopped, just before the door. He turned around, his mask, worn with age, showing no movement as he spoke. 
"I have business." 

The End

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