Titans: Dawn: Dae Three

Roy was watching the sun rise over the dead corpses. How did--how did Lady Kiss Void kill so many of her own clones? He looked over at Constance. He nearly vomited at the sight. She was crumpled over in a ball... and... no idea how he could tell--but her spirit was completely gone.

Roy looks over quickly to Krystal. If she had--died as well. No, no idea how he knew it--but her spirit still was fairly strong. Typical for her he guessed. If it was one thing he knew, it was how strong she was.

Roy looked out over the clone corpse cove. Hopefully he could be as strong as--he saw those familiar leaves blowing again. Turning to say, "Daebi--"

A small female aspect--a Pichu had run out of the leaf storm. Jumping onto Constance's corpse, "Mom! Am I too late! I wanted to help! Help keep you alive on the cruise!"

The Pichu twitches its spiked ear. Gets up and looks around, "uh--I am.. not where I should be."

The Pichu runs to the edge of the building, "wow--that is a very impressive body count... wait."

The Pichu runs over to Roy putting her finger on his nose, "wait, Daddy... what is the year?!"

Roy blinks, not able to process what the young girl Pichu Aspect just called him, "it is 1985."

The Pichu steps back a bit--in the direction of Krystal, but keeping her back turned to Krystal, and eyes trained on Roy. The Pichu's spiked ear constantly twitching as if very nervous, "Daddy, could you... look over my shoulder--" she points at Krystal behind her, "--and tell me, that mommy... my real mommy... does not have a shadow aura?"

Roy looks around, "uh--I do know think I can..."

Ego steps out, "no, no, you can. I just turned it off because well--"

Krystal starts to get to her feet, as Ego snaps his fingers, a thick Black Aura engulfed her like a torrent storm.

Fuschia shouts out, "oh, good--Krystal is okay!"


Ego shouts out, "Oh, that crazy beauty has a shadow aura! Krystal used Shadow Blast Wave! It is--"

The Shadow blast that came from Krystal hit everybody, knocking them over, "--super effective"

Sepia screams out, "What? No! Krystal blast it!"

The small spike eared pichu aspect had landed on Roy as they fell over, she looks in his eyes--very scared, before turning to everybody, "look--do  exactly as I say, and this will turn out the least painful. Mom has  gone full on shadow.. To XD levels here. These situations leading up to this have caused her to freak out. Oddly enough, it is this incident that decides her research specialty

"Max--you are legendary for your fist fighting. Some say, you beat up the God of Space himself--well, here is the an even harder challenge. I need you, and Fujitsu, to help calm Krystal down enough for me to use a Time Flute to call Celebi here to pull her out completely."

Max shaking his head, looks over at Krystal, then at the Pichu Girl, then at Krystal, before getting up. Not yet entirely into it, until with a scream of, "Magmortar'M spade #### blast!"

"Krystal used Shadow Rush on Max! It is Super Effective! Krystal takes recoil damage!"

Roy looks over at Ego, "would you stop with the Super Effective? It makes no sense."

"No, it makes complete sense, Krystal is now using Shadow moves. they are super effective; against any pokemon or person not currently having gone shadow."

The spiked ear Pichu looks up at Roy, "Daddy, you can help too! You were talking to an antibody, right? Those antibodies are capable of going into troubled minds to help them out. Please send one into Mommy's mind? Please Daddy?"

Ego cracking his knuckles yells out, "Ego, plug in, download!", before shimmering and flying into Krystal's general area.

Darkitsu, having came too from his previous stupour, "What?! Another one of you?! Do I need to baby sit you all, just to keep you all sane?!  Now I am really pissed off, over how right they were for each other! First off, has she screamed Zzazz?"

Polaris looks over, "yeah--why?"

Darkitsu lets out a stream of curses, most of which Roy did not recognise, "nobody send out your Pokemon. Her current state is... infectious."

Darkitsu looks over at the Spiked Ear Pichu "Luchu!?! And, what the hell is Zzazz doing here? Nevermind, it will keep Daebi out of our hair, with her sister being shadow and all."

The End

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