Titans: Dawn.

"It has now been six weeks since what has now become known as the 'Rabata City Massacre', and the authorities are still unclear as to who the culprit is. We now cross live to Fel City, where President Weiss is issuing a statement."
Weiss' image, distorted by the failing image, appeared as unassuming as ever. He was immaculately dressed, almost incapable of evil.
"It has been a terrible time here in Cyren. Events are spiralling out of hand. Most importantly, however, we have finally understood why. An investigation into the events of the last three months has shown that Krystal Spectrum, formerly of Rocket Logistics, is to blame most specifically for the Rabata Incident. Now, I know some of you may find this confusing. Spectrum was part of a cloning project, as you are all well aware. The government has launched a full inquiry into Rocket's activities as a result. However, the dead were all working for the betterment of our nation. They were each advancing our great nation's technological and social structures to heights we had never dreamed of, until Krystal Spectrum stole that away. Working with Towen, she acted deliberately against us."
Gasps amongst the crowd.
"Thus, Cyren is now issuing a declaration to the independent nation of Towen. Turn over Krystal Spectrum and we will not retaliate. The government of Cyren will wait one week for your reply. As for Team Temporal, we have realised that they are not working with Krystal Spectrum. If anything, evidence shows that they valiantly attempted to save her. Thus, an open invitation is offered to Team Temporal, to work with the Cyren Government, as well as a full pardon."
More gasps.


Stoenn sat beside Sepia.
"Looks like Weiss is getting his war." Sepia sighed and turned to Stoenn. "Thank you, for all of this. Even if we're pardoned, I know its a trap. You've put so much on the line."
"Hey," Stoenn turned to face Sepia, an intensity in his eyes. "I'm as much in danger as you. I'm her brother. Its only fair we get through this together."
"Heh... fair enough." Sepia lay back, staring at the ceiling. The fan continued to rotate, and he found it hypnotic.
"Have you ever lost anyone, Stoenn?"
Stoenn lay back as well. "Yeah. A few times. Some were closer than others, though."
"Did you know Vermil?"
"No. Not really. Only by reputation."
"I did. The worst part about losing him is..." Sepia shut his eyes. "He didn't really bring anything to the group. Now he's gone, there's no void. Just one less person."
"That's a worry."
"How're our little mad men doing?" Sepia said, turning his head.
"Hari's getting better. Fujitsu's still raging, though. We can't understand it."
"You've got him locked in the containment room, right?"
"Nowhere else to put him. We ran out of StopAll. Now all we've got is the hope he'll get over it."
"What he has to get over, however, is the bigger question."
"Sepia has a point." Fuschia strode into the room, proceeding to kick Sepia a light kick with her shoe, announcing her presence even more. "He didn't really know Vermil either. He had no connection to the Daemon army. Whatever it is, its something else entirely."
"You think...?" Sepia suddenly sat up, snapping to attention. "He's in Darkitsu mode. You don't think something's happened to regular Fujitsu, do you?"
"Its a possibility." Fuschia sighed and looked out the window.
"I still don't get you people sometimes." Stoenn said, laughing.


"An airship... I still can't get over this." Max shouted over to Polaris from the deck of Jirachi 1, Stoenn's private airship. It was a large, imposing creation that had intimidated him a little bit. It was flying over the sea that linked Towen and Cyren, and it would not be long before their presence was known. "I nearly had one of these. Back when I... uh, made a bit more money."
Polaris simply rolled his eyes.
"Look, can I ask you something?" Max walked over to Polaris and kneeled. Polaris continued painting a picture, and Max rolled his eyes at it. "Another one of Vermil? Haven't you done enough?"
Polaris remained silent.
"Okay, look, here's the thing. We need to bust Fujitsu out."
Polaris stopped painting.
"Krystal's on board. First thing she did when she woke up was tell me that she wants to get off this thing and find Kiss, and Hari's of the same mind. Wehc will go wherever we go. Its Stoenn and Sepia that are keeping us here. So, are you in?" Max smiled.
Polaris put away his paintbrush and stood up. "Of course. Too much happened back there. I'd feel responsible if she did anything."
"That a boy." Max said, patting him on the shoulder. "Right, lets get to it. We don't have long. Stoenn's only going to Cyren for a press conference. We won't have long to get off."


"Is this wise?" Samuel Oak was standing at the foot of the steps. "Continuing down this path will only encourage Weiss and Schwarz's vendetta against you. Trust me, they will not stop."
Kiss sat on her throne, a marble creation that she had forged out of the very mountains itself. She was invincible now, and she would not tolerate Oak's interference.
"Samuel Oak..." She muttered gutturally, "You are a sad man, manipulated into fighting a war you cannot win. Why should I take orders from a wretch like you?"
"Because you're losing sight of yourself!" He said, emotion in his eyes. "I nursed you. I brought you into this world. I helped you find your feet, and now you're casting me off like old rags?"
"Everything dies. There is no point in-"
"Oh go to HELL Kiss! That's no excuse for what you're going to do!" Oak threw his hands into the air in disgust. "Fine. I have to go make the preparations for 7's launch. If you won't come back, then fine. But know that when you begin, you will have the full brunt of Cyren against you. You cannot win."
Oak left, and even though he had his back turned, he knew Kiss could see his tears.

The End

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