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"Goddammit, you idiots," muttered Darkitsu, who materialized from the ground, having been in his shadow form for quite some time. "Can't even decide on a competent show to watch...."

He grabbed the controller from Private Dwayne Spectrum and switched the channel to a rather violent and bloody movie, which was rated R. Apparently some drug dealer was hunting a customer that turned chicken. He was using a Gatling Gun and shooting off a hoard of police officer, who were spraying uncharacteristically massive amounts of blood and gore everywhere, there were screams of terror and pain every three seconds....

Darkitsu crushed and broke the remote control with his hand, went up to the TV, destroyed any components that would allow anybody to change the channel, grabbed Fujitsu by his bushy ponytail and dragged him outside of... wherever they were at, saying, "Have nightmares."

Once far away from the group and performing Barrier, Darkitsu let Fujitsu go; he ended up just plopping down on the ground and sat up indian-style. He just stared up at his Aspect, a quizzical look on his face.

Darkitsu grunted, "Stop giving me that look. You know why we're here. To give explanations."

"Right," Fujitsu replied, nodding. He then proceeded to looked out to the imaginary fourth wall, and began to explain, "Due to our creator's laziness, with a combined effort other projects, school, and incompetency to actually look at the Protagonize website-"

Apparently Fujitsu had been facing the wrong way while explaining because he grasped his head and faced it in the proper direction. "There, fixed. Continue."

"And incompetency to actually look at the Protagonize site," Fujitsu continued, looking very zombie-like, "you haven't seen much of us. However, we are here to give gateway to what our creator has been planning through relevance or something like that. We now flash back to after the battle with Lady Kiss in the Pokemon Box."


Near-end of the Previous Chapter:

Darkitsu was very relieved; he thought that everybody was dead for when Lady Void was about to use her Final Attack, but when Hari moved in and used Counter to, well, counter her attack, he could breathe easy. He also developed a new respect for the kid.

Once they were out of the system, Darkitsu immediately transported himself to his part of the dimension, body and all. Sure, it took some good energy to do it, but he had grown weary of all the nonsense and crap that was going on with Team Temporal and quite frankly wanted away from it. He didn't feel obligated like Fujitsu did anyway, so he didn't feel guilty at all. In fact, he would have done it sooner if he wasn't bored. Beside that point, now seemed like a good time to check up on Fujitsu.

Once materialized back into his biker persona, that being the form that he was last using the last time he was on the plane, he immediately strode over to a science-y-looking building that also resembled a bunker of sorts. He entered it.

Darkitsu was bathed in light as he continued down into the bright white hallway. It wasn't that long of a hallway, as a matter of fact is was quite short, actually, but it felt somewhere in between the two to the aspect. Something wasn't right was his first thought; the only times when a feeling like this came along was when something wasn't right, and the hunch was always correct.

Darkitsu hopped a couple of paces to a sliding metallic door and pressed-in a pointless password, as nobody could get into this dimension without his help. A tune sounded, indicating that he entered the correct password ("DBESUCKSASS"). The door slid open and...

Nothing. There was nothing in the room. Normally, this would be a good sign in horror films, but this was no horror film, and the fact that nobody was in there was what scared Darkitsu most: Fujitsu was supposed to be in there. Dark had placed his broken "father" in there so that he couldn't bring harm to himself, and to help him think things over. However, he didn't expect Fujitsu to gather enough strength to leave the building, much less the room.

Now there was a horrible gut feeling in his stomach, as Darkitsu sprinted down the corridor and out to the completely screwed-up outside. He closed his eyes and immediately tried to sense Fujitsu's presence, his energy signature, anything to help locate him.

What he found was a trail of somehow obtained PSI energy. It was faint, so he left quite a while ago, but he could still try to follow Fujitsu to wherever he wandered off to. And so he dashed, throughout the warped sense of reality that was his lighter side of Mind Screw Central. He dashed through the field of snowball cactus flowers, past the barn with the T-Rex fighting a bunch of jet planes that was stepping on a rocket ship, and away from the castle of the Potato King.

The trail was still faint, but stronger, and still growing. Darkitsu was sure he had almost found Fujitsu, but once again he knew something was up. Something big, something massively messed up, and he soon knew what it was. No sooner than when the tail hit an all-time energy high did he hear screaming, and no sooner than when he stopped, he knew what was going on.

The trembling aspect looked up. Right in front of him was gigantic wall or dark energies, mainly black and purple, and it seemed to never end, endlessly reaching up to the static-y sky. There was only one thing that this thing was. This was the gateway to madness, the gateway to terror, to your worst never-ending nightmares, the one place nobody wanted to be in, EVER. This was Darkrai's side of the plane, the terror of all the Pokegod's creations.

As the truth settled in, Darkitsu sank to his knees. "G... g... g-g-goddammed...." He couldn't speak properly. After all, he had just found out that his other part, his original part, his "father"/"brother"/ closest thing he had to an actual relative had committed mental suicide. He had let himself commit mental suicide.

The End

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