Dash G Omake: Sneak Peak at the Next Episode of Team Temporal

Private Dwayne Spectrum, still done up in full carpenter gear, grabs the remote from Fujitsu, "nope--because we got to watch these scenes from the next episode of Team Temporal."


Krystal Spectrum was floating in a school girl uniform, with Ego dressed up in a male uniform, "Welcome to the Spectrum Finishing Woman's Academy. Roy--I do not know how you got into an all girls school as a fully registered student. Somehow, I feel like I should come to expect this of you. It is--kind of cute."

Flash forward to a sunny day in the forest. A small male blonde haired figure in full federal agent gear, pulls a pair of sunglasses and kneels down, "looks like it was... Super Effective."

Roy sighs, "this is my Logic?"

Ego turns over and says, "this is one of those moments where you suddenly understand another aspect of how your life works and operates. You have gone one step forward in knowing yourself."

Logic turns around pulling off some sunglasses, "it is a graduated philosophy."

Cut to scene with P standing on a road, not looking at Team Temporal who are in handcuffs. Gun in his hands waving it about, "see--it is the perfect plan. The one on how I shall win against Phobos Battalion. Do any of you know how to Trozei!?"

Blurred action lines move to have Lady Kiss Void standing in front of a mechanical device being made, "haha! I fixed the flawed designs in the Daemon's Notebook. My wish shall come true. My world shall continue on! The way my world in my visions should! MWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

A Pichu with a spiky ears aspect jumps into the picture on the S3 rooftop, "wait?! Is Mom still alive? Did I get here in time to--wait... Daemon's Army? Dead?! I am two years early."

The Spiked Eared Pichu aspect stands up from Constance MacKealan's dead body looking at Roy, "Daddy, could you look... over my shoulder... behind me... tell me... my.. real Mom... does not have a shadow Aura?"


"Wow, all those clips, and we still have no idea what happens." Ego says, chewing popcorn.

Id drinking a soda, "can we call this Team Temporal thing off? I mean--if Logic is getting added to the roster, I may go on strike."

"Pfft! You need to get paid to go on strike."

"Not with an Air Strike."

The End

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